Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Full Review Nepal

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Full Review, Benchmark

Galaxy C series touched the land of mountains few weeks ago. We got the C9 Pro review unit for test purpose. Our reviewers used the phone as main driver for more...
General Mobile GM5 Plus in Nepal

GM 5 Plus Android One Specs, launch, price in Nepal

Android is one special treat from Google for developing countries. These phones came back in 2014 at budget price. Well the specs upgraded and spending capacity of users also increased in...
Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro vs C7 Pro vs C5 Pro

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro vs C7 Pro vs C5 Pro

Samsung launched the Galaxy C series phones in China last year. They came with really good high quality build, slim design and lots of power. The first phones were head to...
Samsung Mobile 2074 New year offer

Samsung Mobile Nepal 2074 New year offer

Samsung is going to launch Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus soon. We are already excited about their launch in Nepal. They are coming to Nepal on 2074 Biasakh. In order to celebrate Nepali...
Xiaomi Mi Mix price in Nepal, review

Xiaomi Mi Mix price in Nepal, launch, specs, impression

Mi Mix is a gorgeous, concept phone which is now available in Nepal. Xiaomi is already working on Mix Mix 2 which is going to have on screen fingerprint sensor. We...
Coolpad Mega 2.5D Final full review, benchmarks

Coolpad Mega 2.5D full review, experience, benchmark results

Smartphone market is filled with lots of budget range phones these days. JIPL added new competition by introducing Coolpad to the market. We tested Mega 2.5D for two weeks and here...
Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro in Nepal

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro specs, launch, impressions, price in Nepal

The big premium finished Galaxy C9 Pro is out for sale now. This phone has come to Nepal and India after a lot of demand. Samsung has chosen few countries to...
Coolpad Mega 2.5D initial impressions

Coolpad Mega 2.5D Initial Impressions, specs, price

Official partner Jaima Intercontinental Pvt. Ltd. launched Coolpad products in Nepal few weeks ago. We are now reviewing their new smartphones, so be ready for more upcoming articles and contents. This time...
Galaxy S8 leaks, rumors, details

Latest Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked rumors, specs, launch details

Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming possibly next month. There are many leaks and rumors regarding new flagship phone. Previous year Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge was released at this time but...
Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro launch in Nepal

Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro details, specs, launch, price in Nepal

Samsung Nepal launched Galaxy On7 Pro in Nepal today. This phone was launched in India few months ago exclusively for Online market. It actually gets the name from the its market....

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