Anker Power bank portfolio in Nepal

Official Price list of Original Anker Power banks in Nepal

We depend heavily on our smartphones and gadgets for our work. Their internal battery isn't sufficient so we need to charge them. Direct wall power isn't always an option or available....
Swiftcam M3s Gimbal full review

Swiftcam M3s Gimbal full review plus experience

Earlier this year, Swiftcam made a debut in the Indian market with its Gimbal Lineup being M3s and G3s. M3s are the mobile version and G3 is the GoPro one. We are...
CG iWear Smartwatch

Impression of CG iWear Smartwatch and price in Nepal

After about a year of its first smartphone, last week Chaudhary Group surprisingly launched CG iWear Smartwatch, a first from any Nepalese Smartphone manufacturer priced reasonably at NPR 4,444 (well that...
Evo Gamepad Pro 2 review

EVO Gamepad pro 2 full gaming review and impression

Earlier this month, Amkette made its debut by launching EVO Gamepad pro 2 (sequel to EVO Gamepad) with the tagline - The Next Level of Smartphone Gaming. But is it any...
Pebble Time Price in Nepal

Pebble Time review and price in Nepal

After the launch of Pebble smartwatch which was successfully funded 2 years ago through Kickstarter. It has 9.5 mm thickness and side dimensions of again from another crowdfunding of $20 Million for...
Garmin Watches

Garmin Launches GPS Smartwatches in Nepal

Smartwatch are getting good market in Nepal. Since last two years we have found goof interest of Nepalese people in Gear and smart watches. To fulfill the demand of smartwatch American...

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