Legit Online jobs in Nepal and truthnline jobs in Nepal and truth

Legitimate Online Jobs in Nepal and hidden truth

Who doesn't need money? In this materialistic world everyone needs money to survive and fulfill their demands. These days we see lots of youth and people attracted toward online jobs. They...
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Nepal Telecom Day Data Pack offer plus details

Nepal Telecom has good prepaid data package for all types of users. They got very good response due to the reasonable price and volume. Now they are introducing Day Data pack to...
Kaymu Nepal Black Friday deals

Kaymu Black Friday 2073 Nepal

Black Friday deals are very popular in western countries and mainly in USA. Many big stores, shops and online platforms like Amazon have such festivals this season. It is actually next...
IIT Entrance exam from Nepal

IIT Engineering Entrance exam from Nepal, Kathmandu

Indian Institute of Technology has officially opened its gates for Nepali students. This good news was announced during the Nepal visit of Pranab Mukharjee. Previously, only Indian citizen were allowed to study...
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Nepal Telecom 4G service status, details

NTC has finally got license for 4G service in Nepal. Nepal Telecommunication Authority has given green light to Nepal Telecom for operating the service commercially. Ncell is also on its way to...
Ncell TV Pack with Net TV

Ncell starts Mobile TV Pack service in Nepal

Nepal's biggest mobile network telecom company has started TV Pack service in Nepal. This new service is the result of collaboration between Ncell and NITV Streamz Pvt. Ltd. Ncell already has many...
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 discontinued

Samsung completely shuts down Galaxy Note 7

Few months ago we wrote about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launch, impression and then we published about the ban in airplanes including Nepal and India. From this date the Galaxy...
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Nepal Telecom Dashain Tihar offer 2073

Nepal's biggest telecommunication company NTC is giving Dashain, Tihar and Chhath offers just as usual. They always bring something new and valuable to customers. This 2073, Nepal Telecom has offers for all...
Apex digital stores in Nepal

Apex Digital starts advanced mobile chain stores around Nepal

Apex Group of Nepal is building a big empire of smartphone chain stores all around Nepal. They plan to open around 40 stores in Nepal by 2073. Apex will be selling...
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Ban in Nepali Airlines

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 banned on Nepali Airlines

Samsung Mobile Nepal is in deep waters after the Galaxy Note 7 explosion and fire turmoil. Various domestic airlines have imposed a ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Nepal. Many foreign government...

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