2072 Dashain Special Samsung Mobile Price
Samsung Dashain Offer 2072

Samsung launched a lot of mobile phones this year. Within a month they consequently launched Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy J2. There is a huge number of consumers in all segment. They are anywhere from budget segment, mid-range user and flagship consumer. Samsung is still the world’s and Nepal’s biggest smartphone supplier. As Dashain is here many companies like Gionee, Karbonn, Panasonic are introducing their festival offers. Samsung is also running a Bonanza offer and exchange offer. Prices are also discounted and this is the 2072 Dashain Special revised price of Samsung Mobiles.

Samsung reduced the Price of most trending devices. So we will start with the flagship phones and go down to the most basic entry-level phones. We also have some of the Tablets right now. Globally we are gradually seeing a decline in Tablet demand. The below-given list is not according to price. It is according to device range and popularity.

Flagship and High End Smart Phones

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Rs 86,900
  2. Galaxy S6 Edge – Rs 74,900
  3. Galaxy S6 – Rs 63,900
  4. Note 4 – Rs 64,900
  5. Galaxy S5 – Rs 43,500
  6. Note 3- Rs 41,700

Samsung hasn’t launched the 128 GB models in Nepal. According to the company, if the price goes higher and out of range, people won’t buy the products. But the grey market is selling Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note Edge easily. Nepalese people love technology and people with deeper pockets want to get the best. It shows that the purchasing capacity of Nepalese is increasing. Currently, the best flagship phone is Galaxy Note 5 in the market.

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Mid Range Phones

  1. Samsung Galaxy A8 – Rs 51,900
  2. Galaxy A7 – Rs 32,00
  3. Galaxy A5 – Rs 27,900

Samsung Galaxy A8 is a very new phone and it is one of the slimmest model as well. The Galaxy A7 and A5 are popular handsets since 2014. They are known for the specs, design, and power they offer for the money. A series phones have good premium design and bring features from flagship models.

Budget Range Mobiles

  1. Samsung Galaxy J7 – Rs 23,900
  2. Galaxy J5 – Rs 18,900
  3. Grand Prime – Rs 12,900
  4. Grand Neo Plus – Rs 13,590
  5. Galaxy J2 – Rs 12,900
  6. Core Prime – Rs 11,490
  7. Galaxy J1 Ace – Rs 9,950
  8. S Duos 3 – Rs 8,190
  9. Ace Nxt – Rs 7,490
  10. Samsung Z1 – Rs 6,490

Galaxy Tablets

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab E – Rs 27,900
  2. Galaxy Tab 4 (7”) – Rs 21,900
  3. Galaxy Tab 3 – Rs 16,590


There are many other products in the market including tablet and smartphones. This is the official 2072 Dashain Special price of all Samsung handheld products (HHP). These are the price you will find at the showroom. However many shopkeepers will sell you at a lower rate by cutting their margins. So it is best to go out and bargain with sellers.


If you are planning to buy a phone within Rs 15,000 budget then we would suggest to bump it a bit and buy Samsung Grand Prime. The Grand Prime will give you awesome 1080p capable camera, great look, and better software. The new J5 and J7 are other good products that will provide a fantastic camera for the provided budget. If you want a mid range phone than the latest Galaxy A5 is the best phone due the perfect size, Lollipop OS, design and powerful hardware.

For high end and expensive phone lovers, we suggest S6 Edge or Note 5. But if you want to save some money then definitely check out the Samsung Note 4 and Galaxy S5. They are still very powerful and capable smartphones. Most of all, you will get top of the line camera with the amazing build quality. So while hunting for good deals, go to as many places as you could. Read and watch reviews of mobile before purchasing and do bargain because that can save you some money.


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