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2nd Gen Android One phone

Google’s Android One is one of the best programs for smartphones. They partnered with mobile phone manufacturers and launched their first gen phone last year. After one year of the launch of first gen Android One, Google has launched its 2nd Gen Android One phone. That is the new Lava Pixel V1. There are many updates and changes in the new Pixel V1. The jumps from the past generation are really huge. We have also done a comparison of Android One phones of both generations.

There are many manufacturers in the market and they all use different UI. Android phones use services and updates from Google. But the companies do big delay in updates. Many phones don’t even get a new OS and security update after they are launched. This is a problem. Mostly cheap budget phones don’t get updates regularly. Also, these phones are slow due to the heavy UI overlay.

The new Android One targets those phones and customers who use budget phones. These phones are more targeted towards the middle-class consumer to increase the reach of technology. These phones are mainly for regions like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, etc. Big manufacturers do provide updates to their expensive phones. But still, they are not that fast. However, phones with Android One get guaranteed two years update from Google and they also use stock Android. The Pixel V1 is a new 2nd Gen Android One phone. 

Lava Pixel V1

This comes packed with a lot of great features. We know that software is its main selling point. People love stock Android experience. There are less bloatware and experience is also very smooth. Lava is a company focused on making cheaper phones with good specs. They are doing a good job here as well. Pixel V1 specifications are listed below:

Processor MediaTek MT6582 with 1.3GHz quad-core processor
Display 5.5” 720p IPS LCD
Internal Space 32 GB
Battery 2650 mAh
Camera 8 MP Rear/ 5 MP Front
OS Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

The specifications are very good for the price. One interesting feature is that it features new Asahi Dragon Trail Glass protection for the screen. This is an alternative of Gorilla Glass and it is good to have. Screen protection is budget and entry range is a golden gift. The cherry on top is removable metal back cover and external 64 GB micro SD Card support. It has only one problem and people are complaining about it in India. It doesn’t support 4G support therefore only 3G and 2G are available.

Lava Pixel V1 Body
Pixel V1 Body Render

The Lava Pixel V1 is priced at Rs 13,500 in India. The price of Lava Pixel V1 will be around Rs 21,600 in Nepal. The phone is only available in India through Snapdeal. This caused a huge problem in marketing because it didn’t come to the brick and mortar market at launch. Therefore merchants denied to sell it later because the market had already dried. Same happened in Nepal as well. The demand was high but the phone was released after 4 months. So at the launch time, it is stale in Nepal.


Android One Benefits and Future

Operating System is the soul of smartphone and Android is everywhere these days. It is in the entry-level cheap phone and it is in high-end flagship phones. Phone must have good hardware to support OS and apps. But after that, it is software that gives a good experience. Google’s Android is taken as the best software and many people like their stock software. In this Android One, people get that stock OS. However, there might be some tweaks from the manufacturers for certain special hardware or cameras.

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In this program, all phones under this get regular updates from Google. Usually, software OTA is rolled out by phone manufacturers. But in this Google directly sends updates. This means users can get the latest updates first. The users of these phones get to experience the latest and best. There is a guarantee of at least 2 major OS updates as well. Currently, small manufacturers are in this circle. It is because Google wants to target cheaper models. Many other big manufacturers are also showing interest in this program. In the future, we should see more expensive and branded phones in this program as well. 

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