4 Best Budget Graphics Card under $200

Best graphics card under $200

Most people don’t want to spend much on graphics card but they do want good performance. They want most out of their money and companies are trying to deliver it. Thanks to improving technology, graphics card are getting better and cheaper these days. We have a lots of better options to choose from and here are our collection of 4 best budget graphics card under $200.

These graphics card far better than the GPU on the processor. They improve video playback, gaming, video editing and offer features like H.265 support, HDMI 2.0, and multiple monitor support. AMD and Nvidia both have great options in this price range and all of these will give you best value for your money.

We are going to list the graphics card according to price. In our suggestion get the best you can afford and what you need. Most of the budget cards don’t support SLI and some don’t even need extra power connector. This makes it absolute best choice for budget rig builder.

GT 1030

Nvidia launched this graphics card to compete AMD’s RX 550. We were expecting this graphics card to be in the line of GT 730. Amazingly it performs just like the GTX 750 actually. Games like GTA 5 can go to 60 fps in 1080p high settings. GT 1030 costs $70 MSRP. Initial price in market is actually high but the performance is to the point with this one.

AMD RX 560/ RX 460


Radeon RX 460 is the 2016 Graphics card while RX 560 is the upgraded 2017 card. They sit below the $150 price range an offer great performance. The RX 460 is now available in Amazon at $109 also. Both graphics card are good 1080p performer but better 720p gaming performer.

RX 560 is the best choice because of upgrades in Compute Units and being a newer edition. These GPU will run Battlefield 1, Witcher 3 and other titles in mid settings with ease in 1920×1080.

Geforce GTX 1050/ GTX 1050 Ti

Team Green launched the budget range graphics card last year and they are amazing. These cards were the answer to the AMD’s RX 460. The GTX 1050 is 2 GB card while 1050 Ti is 4 GB card with beefier specs. The cost difference is only $10 but the performance difference is substantial.


Both of graphics card can play the latest title in high settings in 1920×1080 resolution. Some lower demanding titles can also be played in 4K with low settings. Anyways 4K Netflix streaming and H.265 decode support is available from GTX 1050 Ti and above. In our view GTX 1050 Ti is the better choice as it only costs $139.

Radeon RX 570

At just $189 AMD is providing a really powerful GPU for all users. Whether you are a gamer, video editor, multimedia producer, YouTube RX 570 has it all. It is a 4GB graphics card that delivers robust performance. At about $50 more than GTX 1050, users get reasonable increment in performance.

Gaming benchmarks show about 30% more FPS with this card or even RX 470. Nvidia’s GTX 1060 is a great competitor to this hardware but there RX 570 packs memory. Latest games will surely run at highest settings in Full HD setting and future games will also run well with these.



We talked more about price and small details plus gaming. Most of these cards are meant for home theater and budget gaming. These hardware are guaranteed to improve 4K video playback and video rendering time.

We suggest you to buy the best hardware that fits in the budget. For most users we suggest getting Geforce GTX 1050 Ti as it provides best price to performance ratio. People with slightly bigger budget should go with RX 580. While people who just need a decent card and upgrade from old GT 710 or GT 620 should get GT 1030 or RX 550.

This is our view and if you have suggestion we are always open for it. Share your thoughts and experience to help others.

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