5 Reasons to choose new Intel Coffee Lake processors

After years, we saw a significant upgrade in Intel processors lineup. Many industry experts say this is due to AMD Ryzen. It seems like that but anyway, competition is good for us. We are getting better performance for our hard earned money. Intel really changed the game with new 8th generation Coffee Lake processors. They are now much better than all previous seven iterations. So we have made a list of 5 reasons to choose new Intel Coffee Lake processors.

The market has and will have older processors for some time. Their lower price might be deal maker for many people but we suggest otherwise. For seven iterations, Intel’s desktop Core i3 were 2 core, i5 were 4 core and i7 were quad core but with 8 threads usually. Laptop’s mobile Core i3 and i5 were dual core while only selected Core i7 were quad core.

This is now completely changed since 2017 October. The computer industry pioneer is offering double performance at same price. Gaming market, media industry demand is increasing these days so companies are at putting best products to the market. There are always benefits for choosing newer processors over older ones and we have listed few below.

1) More Cores: Now from Coffee Lake series, all desktop Core i3 are quad core, i5 are hexa core and i7 are 6 core with hyper-threading. Laptop processors are also upgraded with Core i5 now having 4 cores. This means people are getting more than 50% performance increase from last year. There is also significant increase in L3 Cache size. Kaby Lake processors became obsolete in just one year which is frustrating for many old buyers. We can see this in best budget option like Core i3 8100 which wins older i5 7400 and 7500. Also newer Core i5 8400 can easily compete with i7 7700k in mid range. And the new flagship i7 8700k is surprisingly powerful at all tasks. We highly recommend these new processors to anyone who need high core count and per core performance. Gamers, professionals and Video and photo editors can now really benefit from extra horse power.


2) Better Graphics: Desktop chips are having same old Intel UHD 630 but newer mobile processors are getting great treat. Intel and AMD actually joined hands for first time. Mobile lineup is now featuring Radeon RX Vega graphics for new refresh. This certainly provides users with better laptops which can game at low cost. Vendors can cut cost for dedicated graphics card and provide cheaper solution to users.

3) Efficient: Most new 8th Gen processors are providing double performance than previous Kaby lake and Skylake predecessors at same TDP. They are consuming less or same power and providing better performance. Same or less TDP shows that quality of lineup is much better with revised architecture. Intel has hugely improved their 14 nm lithography this time.

4) Newer Chipset: Coffee Lake processors require new Intel 300 series motherboards. This includes Z390, Z370, B360, H370 and H310 chipsets. These are for extreme, enthusiasts, business, home and mainstream users. Previous 7th and 6th gen processors were compatible with both 100 and 200 series chipsets. Many people bought older boards for newer processors but now 8th gen is different. It uses same LGA 1151 socket socket but requires new chipset. These new boards have better optimization and features which is good for all users. Optane memory and M.2 NVME support is becoming more common. Also high frequency DDR4 RAM support is also added which improves the performance of new systems.

5) Better value and longer life: The new 8th Gen Coffee Lake processors are providing better value and double performance at same old prices. This means there is no advantage in buying older processors if you can afford new one. This jump was a major leap for this generation. Such upgrades only happen sometimes so we new buyers can be safe for some time. Canon Lake, Ice Lake and other chips will be much efficient for sure with 10 nm fabrication and higher threads. Nonetheless, coffee lake processors won’t be weak by any means. They will surely provide value and performance for a long time to consumers as other older CPU do till now.

We are going to see better and powerful processors in future. Intel is also hardly invested in quantum computers so we might see them down the line as well. AMD is also on top of competition and this is just going very exciting. All we want to tell our readers are the advantages they get on Coffee Lake processors over older processors which are around same price and just a year old. Do share your thoughts with us as well.

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