Gorkha Earthquake Kapan

Nepal has been hit by a huge 7.4 magnitude earthquake today at 12:30 local time. The mega quake came after 17 days of 7.9 magnitude mega quake that shook Nepal and caused a lot of casualties. The tremor was felt in 31 districts of Nepal as the epicenter was 80 km away from Kathmandu. The center was 19 km below the surface. The shock was felt in Delhi in India, Dhaka of Bangladesh and in Tibet too. Many Casualties have been reported in India and many in Nepal. The residents of Nepal and Kathmandu are more terrified as the aftershock are not stopping even after 17 days. The people are again in out and open under sky. Kathmandu has been terrified again.

Many buildings that were damaged in last quake were more damaged and many even collapsed after this big quake. People came out in terror after the big shock. Many casulties were actually caused due to running and instinct to run. Some of the schools were open so many children were terrified and caused accidents. Some of office workers were also injured because of office. Last time itvwas Saturday (Public Holiday) many people were saved.
The American Ospro helicopters were again deployed to  affected districts of Nepal. US helicopters and Indian helicopters were assessing local areas. The relief are still coming and Nepali forces are still working to help. Viber out has been made free. The Nepali telecom networks both NTC and Ncell were congested immediately after the quake. Stay safe guys.
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