8 Core processors and dawn of new generation
Intel Core i7 Processor

Intel just released its new Core i7 5960X (Haswell-E) octa core monster. With the relaese of this new processor new X99 motherboards also have been released. Many manufacturers such as MSI, ASUS, GIGABYTE etc have launched powerful motherboards. The new socket is called LGA2011-V3. Intel will release many new processors this year but the technology only doesn’t stop in high end processors. The new and most awaited DDR4 ram has also arrived and they are supported by these new processors and systems.

The new X99 motherboards have 8 DIMM RAM slots to insert RAM modules. It means you can cross over 64 GB of RAM. Some new mother boards have over 6 slots for graphics card and more than 10 ports for hard disk it means you can add more than 20 TB storage. These systems are now sounding much more out of range for general consumers and gamer with little budget.

Faster Memory: As the commence of DDR4 memory which stands for (Double data rate 4) clearly states the initiation of fater memory era in the computing. The new X99 motherboard and new processor architecture supports quad channel DDR4 RAM which means there are going to be 8 DIMM Slots.

This will enable you to cross over 64 GB RAM if you want. DDR4 RAM modules are low voltage (1.2 v) rated at default 2133 MHz The memory rate can reach up to 75 GB/S. It is a huge development in memory after implementation of DDR3 memory modules because DDR3 requires 1.5 Volt. The new PCI Express Gen 3 (PCIe Gen 3) has also been implemented.


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Incredible Processing Power with 8 Cores

The new processors will be 6 core or 8 core so they will have immense power. The new Core i7 5960X has around 2.6 billion transistors. DDR4 RAM, higher L3 cache such as 20 MB can really empower the computing experience. The new PCIe Gen 3 provides more powerful and stable lane for GPU plus other devices. This gives more bandwidth and better performance.

The new Core i7 5960X is priced for $999 and the motherboards will cost you around $500 and with other peripherals your system will definitely cross $2000. So this will not be a cheap built but it will sure be a powerful rig. We assume that quad core CPU will still be mainstream processors for a long time. These 6 core processors will definitely be mainstream in future as cooling and power efficiency improves.

All this shows a better hope and light for future of computing. We shall see lighter, faster and better laptops. Cheaper computers with great power for productivity and gaming are some of things we all want. Lets hope Intel keeps up the spark and makes better processors each year.

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