MSI Gaming Laptops Improvements
MSI Gaming Laptops Improvements

Intel’s Tick-Tock model is in a bit pause since few years. In 2017, they launched new 8th Gen Coffee Lake processors. These were same 14 nm processors just like Kaby Lake but much more mature. Every lineup saw massive improvement due to increased Cores and Threads. This is what changed a lot in the industry because things were stagnant for long time. MSI also picked up this new range of chips soon and implemented to bring out great gaming laptops. The company and users found a huge difference between gaming notebooks with old Kaby Lake processor and new ones with Coffee Lake ones.

There is now wide range of Dekstop and Mobile processors available. This includes new Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 for laptops. As the Core count in all Core Series increased by 50% the performance also increased in same manner. Most importantly value increased as the price is almost same as last year. We have covered this matter in previous article stating the benefits of 8th Gen Intel processors.

Previously Core i5 CPU in laptops usually were dual core and only few were quad core. People had to buy expensive Core i7 models to enjoy quad core performance. Now from 8th Generation lineup Core i5 are Quad Core which makes a lot of difference. The price of chips is about the same as previous generation so people are getting higher return. The new Core i7 and Core i9 for laptops now have 6 core with Multi-threading which means 12 threads.

These things change a lot for power users. Also as the core numbers are high so is heat output and this requires good cooling. Previously MSI laptops used to have Core i7 7700HQ with 4 core and 8 threads but as with new Core i7 fifty percent better performance can be achieved. New 8th Gen Core i5 can give you the performance that old Core i7 used to give. Now the new Core i7 and Core i9 are setting new standard for the gaming and computing industry.

MSI Gaming Laptops Scenario

In Nepal, Ocean Computers, Baghdurbar are authorized distributor of MSI products. They can provide all the products and already have a good inventory. MSI has lots of Notebooks and they are very famous for their gaming hardware. They have models with high end processors like Core i9 8950HK and Core i7 8750H. The high end models include GT75 Titan 8RG Gaming and GT62 7RD Leopard. These laptops have top of the line processor, graphics card and display.


As the new Intel chips consists more core and threads, the thermal situation in closed and small space like notebook is very critical. Many companies have their own technology and so does MSI. MSI has famous “Cooler Boost Titan” technology which consists more than 1 fan and many heat pipes. For example GT75 Titan has about 9 high quality copper heat pipes and 2 fans. The pipes are for GPU, CPU and PWM sections of PC. In the MSI GS65 Stealth Thin 8RF there are total of 3 fans which is more fruitful. It is knows as “Cool Boost Trinity”

This kind of colling ensures there is no thermal throttling and users get best experience. Also the lower temperature gives room for overclocking through software. The company website suggests that compared to Kaby Lake 7th Gen i7, the 8th Gen Core i7 has 40% better performance and Core i9 has more than 70% better result. Such performance give uplift to all types of workloads. As the CPU are working healthily the GPU result is also super as it should be.

We also saw some benchmark results of 3D Mark, CineBench, PASS Mark and video rendering and saw a fantastic difference. All the results shows that new MSI laptops with 8th Gen Intel processors were very fast and efficient. In terms of CPU load, video editing, rendering, professional workloads and gaming the result is absolutely fantastic.

Also with company’s new improving cooling technology and better design both temperature and power draw is also efficient. The overall temperature are reasonably better than past models and with less power draw the battery life will also be good. But for gamers we always recommend using an adapter.


Summary: So at last after looking everything we are giving you the same advice we gave last time. New Generation 8th Gen Intel processors are better than their predecessors. They are giving far better value than last year. Not all years update are better but this year this makes significant change.

MSI’s new products with new chips are providing multi-fold of power improvement with lower thermals. So for users who want great experience and value for their hard earned money we suggest them to only buy laptops with new Coffee Lake processors only. We are loving how MSI is improving their lineup and we would very much like to see more budget friendly products in future for masses.

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