About Us

Delta Digit is a digital news media which publishes gadget reviews and news on science, technology, DIY projects, discoveries and new innovations. We mainly focus on publishing articles, videos, news, review regarding technology, smartphone, computers and science. Delta Digit publishes content over vast number of platforms including Website, YouTube, Facebook and many other platforms.

Our aim is to give specific information to the readers about the subject and try to help them to increase their knowledge and help them to choose products wisely.We take out information from internet, colleagues, market and merchants. We are very thankful to our readers and we thank our friends who helped me start this blog and help us to improve it. We also thank the colleges who give us information and reviews and also the merchants who give us information about the product and chance to test them. We also work directly with the companies, brands and manufacturers to serve original review and direct news to our readers.

Delta Digit was started in 2012 as a blogspot blog at deltadigit.blogspot.com then we moved to county code top level domain (CCTLD) that is deltadigit.info.np. After that we increased our business and also to adopt the international market, deltadigit.com was obtained for international service. The domain deltadigit.com was registered on 2015 3rd May which is a very important day for us and for journalism as it is also World Press Freedom day.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish-Steve Jobs