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Accurate Gadget Store

Accurate is a new brand in Nepal from Bhavik International. They are catering to the market with consumer electronic items, mobile accessories, and gears. Their portfolio mainly includes headphones, chargers, power banks, data cables, and Bluetooth speakers. The company wants to provide products as per the demand and needs of consumers. They are pricing their products reasonably in the Nepali market and we have the latest Accurate products price list.

The company is also providing a warranty anywhere from 6 months to 12 months according to products. They are currently expanding from Kathmandu to other parts of the country. Accurate Gadget Store is also present in Daraz Mall as a certified store or seller. So you can buy them in the offline brick and mortar store or online. They have their products in a few segments. So at first, we want to just list out the price before jumping to anything.

Accurate Products Price List

I8 10000 mAh PowerbankRs 1,999
L10 10000 mAh PowerbankRs 1,999
X11 10000 mAh PowerbankRs 1,499
X20 10000 mAh PowerbankRs 2,999
AC-01 Apple Fast ChargerRs 899
AC-02 Micro USB Fast Charger 2.4Rs 599
AC-03 Micro USB Fast Charger 2.0Rs 399
AC-04 Type-C Fast Charger 3.0Rs 799
AC-04 Micro USB Fast Charger 3.0Rs 799
AC-05 Micro USB Fast Charger 3.0Rs 799
AC-07 2in1 USB ChargerRs 250
AC-06 2USB Fast ChargerRs 350
AC-05 Type-C Fast Charger 3.0Rs 799
AK-1 Data Cable Micro USBRs 299
AK-1 Data Cable Type-CRs 324
AK-1 iOS CableRs 349
AK-2 Data Cable Micro USBRs 299
AK-2 Type-C CableRs 324
AK-2 Data Cable iOSRs 349
AL-36 Bluetooth Neck Band HeadphoneRs 2,000
Accurate High Bass Bluetooth SpeakerRs 2,999
AE-02 YS EarphoneRs 299
AE-04 EarphoneRs 199
AE-05 EarpodsRs 550
AE-01 EarphoneRs 325
AE-03 EarphoneRs 375

These are some of the accessories and gadgets from Accurate. According to the price, the products seem very reasonable. The company is also offering accessories for all types of platforms and technology. For example, they have Micro USB, USB Type-C and lightning cables of the same model. Usually, people look for a low-cost good accessory in the market. However most of the time, they get knockoffs and duplicate products. Accurate can server the audience with branded and original products and they have a huge scope.

Headphones, Earpods

Accurate has lots of earphones and Bluetooth headsets in their collection. The AE-02, AE-03, and AE-05 are earpod style headphones They have over-voltage and short circuit protection built into them. The AE-03 and 05 have volume controller, mic and music pause, play and call pick up button. This is a very convenient feature to have in earphones. The AE-04 is a universal earphone with a common in-ear design that comes with silicone tips. AL-36 is a unique one because it is a Bluetooth headset. It has Bluetooth 4.2 technology for connection, 8-10 hours battery life and comes with a USB charging cable as well.


There are many power banks in the market and Accurate is putting their ones in the competition. The company has 10,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh products. Actually the maximum capacity a person can carry in airplanes in most countries is 20,000 mAh. This is why we mostly see these two capacities only. Accurate is selling I8, L10, and X11 with 10,000 mAh capacity. The X20 is a 20,000 mAh one. I8, L10, and X20 have both Micro USB and Type-C output and overcharge protection. These products come with a 1-year warranty.

USB Cables, Chargers

In the list, we can see that Accurate has USB cables of all types for all ecosystems. They have Type-C, Micro USB cables, and Lightning connector. The company offers different cables with Fast Charge 3 and Fast charge 2 capability. They also have different chargers with Qualcomm Quick charge support and that also with different options according to cable. It is very important to pick a good charger for mobile. If your smartphone supports quick charge, do read manual and compatibility before purchasing.


Accurate High Bass Bluetooth Speaker

This is a Bluetooth speaker that comes in a neat package. It has a microphone for hands-free operation. On the inside, there is a 2000 mAh battery that powers it. This speaker also supports the AUX cable and TF card. The company is also providing one year warranty with this speaker. Accurate is catering to the market with lots of accessories and CE items.

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