NTC FNF Service
NTC FNF Service

Nepal Telecom has introduce the new FNF facility for all of its network including post paid, prepaid scheme under GSM/ CDMA service. This scheme allows NTC users to select maximum of five other users and they can be called at very less cost than normal price. The tariff for prepaid is still higher than post paid users. Those selected 5 numbers must be of Doorsanchar. Learn how to activate Friends & Family service on NTC GSM/CDMA with our artcile.

You can now talk with your most contacted friends, family members and loved people with less expense. The service was somehow active for post paid users because it is still like a premium service. Biggest percentage of mobile phone users use prepaid service because it helps them to use service within limit and budget. This is the tutorial on how to activate friends & family (FNF) service on NTC GSM/CDMA for prepaid or post paid package.

The numbers you want to select must be of NTC and can be a NT (PSTN) Landline , GSM or CDMA. Call rate to CDMA/GSM post paid is somewhat cheaper which is 55 paisa or Rs 0.55 per minute, rate for GSM/CDMA prepaid is Rs 0.70 or 70 paisa per minute. These rates are applicable at the busy business hours or peak time of network.

For the initial registration user can request maximum of three phone numbers, addition numbers can be registered later on after the service is activated by simple SMS. The registration process for this service is as follows:


i) In Postpaid GSM

  • Type FNF<space>Ph.Number1<space>Ph.number2<space>Ph.number3<space>Ph.number4<space>Ph.number5
  • Send to 1400

ii) In Prepaid GSM/CDMA and postpaid CDMA

  • Type FNFSUB*MDN and send it to 1415
  • To add member, type FNFADD*Ph.number and send to 1415 (You can add only 1 member at a time, meaning 1 SMS equals 1 addition)
  • To modify FNF member, FNFMOD*Ph.Number(Old)*Ph.Number(New)
  • Deleting member, FNFDEL*Ph.Number

For inquiry send message to 1415 by typing FNFINQ at the message box. FNF represents Friends and Family

Example of adding a number, FNFADD*984111111, Example to modify, FNFMOD*984111111*014444444

This is actually very beneficial for people who talk heavily over phone with each other. Businessman, dealers who do talking frequently can also take more benefit than friends, family members because in a sense bonded and old dealers are friends in a way.


NTC is taking good steps in path of improvement and this new scheme is another attention catcher after prepaid mobile data packs for GSM users. Now the users are waiting for a major ADSL overhaul because as a need of time the definition of broadband and minimum bandwidth of permanent, unlimited service needs to be redefined.

BSNL of India changed it to 2 Mbps from 512 Kbps few months ago. Most of the telecom companies in Nepal buy bandwidth from India  due to lack of reach to undersea cable.

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