AI Expo 2019 Nepal: Initiation to showcase best AI Projects

AI Expo Nepal 2019

The field of Artificial Intelligence is moving forward rapidly. Nepali experts and enthusiasts are also very active in this field. Fusemachines and Artificial Intelligence for Development (AID) are organizing an event in Nepal. This is Nepal’s first AI Expo and it plans to feature the best projects of this field. The expo is going to happen on August 24th, 2019. All industry experts and academics can submit project and papers for AI Expo Nepal 2019.

This type of program has a lot of benefits. It is for students, teachers, experts, researchers, companies and professionals. So they can learn, meet, see and interact with each other. There is an Expo but the plus point and benefits are many. People can meet new industry experts, leaders and make network or learn something. There are many opportunities in this event. It is Nepal’s first such program related to Artificial Intelligence and it is a great initiative.

AI Expo Nepal 2019 Details and Timeline

The Expo main day is on August 24th but there a timeline to follow. The proposals of project and papers should be submitted until June 14th, 2019. After that result will be announced. Then orientation happens and long mentorship begins. After all these, the event happens at the last day. Please follow the below-given timeline for this program.

June 14th, 2019Final Submission
June 24th, 2019Result Announcement
June 28th, 2019Orientation Program
July 5th, 2019Mentorship Session 1 starts
July 12th, 2019Mentorship Session 2 starts
July 19th, 2019Mentorship Session 3 starts
July 26th, 2019Mentorship Session 4 starts
August 24th, 2019Expo Event Day

Organizers have given these timelines and program will follow this course. The orientation and mentorship start only after being shortlisted. Different ideas, papers, research, and projects are selected after the submission. In order to participate there are some prerequisites and some forms to fill. Therefore the participants must fulfill those requirements to participate in this expo. All information and registration are available on AI Expo’s website.

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There are many benefits for all the participants. Academic participants can get a platform to showcase their ideas and prototypes. The can also learn from other people and get in touch with a new bigger group of enthusiasts. Similarly, the industry or companies can meet other business. They can discuss and demonstrate their products as well.

Selection Criteria and Prerequisites

First of all, there are some conditions to apply for participation. These are the requirements to apply.

  • All teams should represent an institution. They may be academic or commercial.
  • All participants should have good skills in programming.
  • The research must have been published in an academic journal.
  • Teams should have a working prototype or idea that can be made into a prototype soon.

Finished and final products are also welcome at this event. These are the basic requirements of the submissions. After that results are announced. There are some selection criteria and they are as follows.

  • A team needs to consist of members ranging from 3-5.
  • Only a team or group can submit the application.
  • For any paper or project, its status must be stated.

Alone or single participants can’t take part in this event. In other words, participants need to come in a team and represent an organization. In this program, the stakeholders and people of this field can discuss on the projects. They can also get opportunities for collaboration. In the event, there will be Keynote speakers as well. Similarly, there will be paper and project presentations. On top of all these, there are prizes, awards and chance to get national-level recognition.

It is an initiation and we have a lot of positive expectations with it. This expo is meant to be very beneficial for the AI related professionals, developers, experts and the whole society of Nepal.

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