Allocacoc New Prodcuts 2073 by Sammy Traders
Allocacoc New Prodcuts 2073 by Sammy Traders

Sammy Traders, official distributor of Allocacoc products just launched 5 new products in Nepali market. This is a company of Netherlands and produces high quality unique accessories. We have already listed the price of their products in previous article. In this CAN InfoTech 2017, Sammy Traders expanded their portfolio.

We visited the CAN InfoTech 2017 and we met with officials of Sammy Traders. They were very active and doing good sales. In our experience we found their products to be very high quality. We are going to take a short look at these products for now.

1) Business Leisure Smart Backpack: This is avery versatile product that can be used of multiple purposes. It seems normal but it is much more than it looks like. This is durable bag with features such as Solar Charging, USB, Bluetooth Anti-Lost and GPS. There are solar panels at the back. This means people can locate their bag, charge phones inside while travelling without worrying about load and space.

2) DAX Wallet: It is new design modular wallet specially designed for people who carry lots of cards. This product stores cards safely and makes withdrawing easy as well. People can also store their money in the partitions inside the wallet. It is made with water repellent durable fabric. DAX can hold up to 5 card very easily with some paper notes as well. Its cost is Rs 950.

3) Levit 8: This is one of the most eye catching and interesting product. It is a standing desk which is very portable because of folding capability. Levit 8 can be folded in plane like a book. It embeds box-spiral folding technique and water, stain resistant material.  Its price starts at Rs 2290 to Rs 2890.

Allocacoc Products price in Nepal 2017
Allocacoc Products price in Nepal 2017

4) Wisumi: Allocacoc’s this new product is for people who want new technology with highest security. It is a multipurpose storage device which has bio-metric fingerprint scanner. The disk can be partitioned as private and public. Private disk access requires authorization via biometric scan. It has 20 MB/s write speed with USB 3.0 and hardware level encryption. People can pair their password with their fingerprint and authenticate online service via biometrics for safer transaction.


5) USB Cable:

 This is a very common product in market but it is quite different. People usually buy different cable for different devices. This new cable has three different types of USB heads which includes Lightning, Type-C and Micro. The cable is also flat, therefore there is no entanglement.

There are lots of other great products from Allocacoc. Sammy Traders is selling them at very reasonable price. Their Audiocube and Powercube are one of our favorite products.


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