Allocacoc Products Price in Nepal
Allocacoc Products Price in Nepal

In this world of smartphones and other gadgets, only few companies are focusing on quality products like Allocacoc is creating. Sammy Traders have been trading elegant products in Nepal from Allocacoc which is based on Netherlands. We have listed Allocacoc Products details, impressions, price in Nepal. They were present in the CAN Commtech 2016 and they also organised a Bloggers meet. The company presented their products and also received good interest from people in CAN Commtech 2016 event.

We all like our electronics both powerful and good looking. This company has products that strikes all those standards. Lowest Retailer of Lagankhel, Iberry at Butwal are the offline retailers but expansion is occurring at Chitwan, Dharan and Pokhara.

The company is offering free goodies and discounts up to 30% during CAN Commtech 2016 Event. Here is the name and price list of all their products.

Products Price in Rs
Power USB cable 490
Powercube Original 690
Powercube Original Remote Single 1290
PowerUSB HUB Portable 2590
Powercube Original Remote Set 1790
Powercube Original USB 1190
Power USB HUB 1350
Audicoube (Portable) Timber Wood 9500
Powercube Extended 890
Powercube Extended USB 1290
Powerbar USB 1290
Audicoube (Portable) 7500
Powercube Extended Remote Single 1490
Powercube Rewirable UK 1290
Powercube Rewirable USB type UK 1590
Powercube Extended Remote Set 2490
Powerbar EU 1190

We have seen a huge market of portable speakers and power outlets. There are many speakers out there but they seem to have some problems in design or quality. We personally loved the Allocacoc Powercube and Audiocube. They have very good sound quality and power distribution system. Actually the power distribution products are very useful products in house, office or travelling.

It is small and compact but can also deliver huge amount of power. These¬†can be implemented in office area or home workstation. Large multi-plug can’t be used anywhere and some plug distributor can’t handle many devices but these can.

Details and Sales

These products have a great market and demand these days. There are many low quality chinese products similar to these items but they don’t match the quality. If you are in need of such gadgets, we recommend to buy Allocacoc products.


The products are available online from Kaymu, Nepal Cosntruction Mart and Sasto Deal. We always recommend to buy quality products. They might be a bigger investment for first but they do give a good return in future from their durability.


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