Reasons why people are doing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by group of people

ALS Ice bucket challenge is famous on the internet since few days. It is getting pretty popular among many people including social activists, superstars, and philanthropists. Many people might think that this is just a popularity stunt. In reality, this is actually a good campaign that is creating awareness. Hence many people are knowing about ALS. Making the disease popular or creating awareness is the main reason why people are doing this challenge.

Let us know about ALS first, it stands for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It is also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease due to the famous baseball player. ALS Association is a research organization working on this disease. Stephen Hawking is a very popular person who is a victim of this disease. This disease is a degenerative disease which affects nerve cells, spinal cord and finally motor neurons. This means at the final stage the motor activities can stop.

At the prior stage, the movement of limbs, speech and other voluntary motions stop. In the final stage, involuntary motions such as breathing can stop. It can finally cause the death of the patient. It means the patient can be totally paralyzed. This disease has no cure till now and there is no known cause of this disease. Also, there is no specific age group that it affects. It can happen to anyone. There is a very small number of patients worldwide. About 2 out of 100000 are affected by this ALS.

Challenge and Reason

The ALS research program requires funding for the research. Although the disease affects a small number of people, we need to find a cure and cause. It is a kind of stem cell research. As fewer people are affected by this, only a few know about this deadly disease. So ALS Ice bucket challenge is actually an awareness-raising campaign.

In this, someone challenges you or nominates you. Then you have to pour a bucket of cold ice water and donate $10 to ALS or else you have to pay $100. This is a donation so there is no limit. People can always donate without pouring water. We hope people get to know about this and they contribute by donating. The main goal of the challenge is to make it popular and viral. Challenging other people grows awareness and increases reach.

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If you want to donate you can always go to ALS Association’s site. Due to this current challenge, ALS research program has gained over one $100,000,000 donation. More than 3 million people have donated money and it is still growing. This campaign is really good because it is creating good awareness. Some people might complain that this is a waste of water. Those who think that should donate without wasting water. In view of many people, this one bucket of water will create a big awareness and help to collect money for a good deed that is research.

Some Famous Participants

This Ice bucket challenge is a big hit. It is due to many popular participants worldwide. Even Bill Gates took part in this after Mark Zuckerberg challenged him. Bill Gates made a very interesting contraption to perform the challenge. Other popular participants were Eminem, Taylor Swift, Will Smith, Selena Gomez, Tiger Woods, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Cruise, Usain Bolt, etc.

One of the main reason, we hear more about such a challenge is due to popular personalities. This helps to bring an issue to their fans and lovers. However, it works, it is all beneficial for the study and patients. Many famous actors, tech industry millionaires, singers, athletes are donating huge amounts. It is a really great thing and the challenge is doing its job right by helping a good cause.


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