Anker Products in Nepal 2018, details
Anker Products in Nepal 2018, details

Anker is a world renowned China based American brand in accessories sector. Pashupati Trade Link Pvt Ltd, is the official distributor of Anker products in Nepal. Murarka Organization is the parent of the Pashupati Trade Link. Anker products were available in Nepal since a few years but now they are stepping in aggressively. They are now selling high quality new generation products at cheapest rate possible.

In a very small time frame, Anker gained a very good reputation in Power Bank business. They are among the top sellers in USA, UK, Canada, Japan and many other countries. Anker is dominating the online market in developed nations. They are highly popular for their best in class power banks but they also have other products such as cables, chargers, Bluetooth speakers, projectors etc.

Just to compare, customers can see a huge price difference in Nepal compared to US and Indian market. This is a very impressive as well as amazing thing to have. Pashupati trading says that this is because company wants to win the hearts of customers. They have original product and are providing 18 months warranty on every item. This includes even data cables. Please see the table below to know the official price of Anker products in Nepal.

Why use Genuine products?

We highly encourage you to buy a genuine product because your expensive device deserves quality accessory. There is significant difference in quality between a genuine a duplicate. The aesthetics might dupe consumers but internally there are lots of different things. Low quality data cables might damage charging systems, ports, battery and usually don’t fit well.


High quality products have longer life and higher durability. They fit tight and also have better material. We very much like the Anker’s Powerline Micro 3ft. because it comes at very reasonable price and they have longer warranty. Other non branded cables in market come at slightly lower price or sometimes at the same price but quality delta is very high. On the other hand, Anker products have highest quality at most reasonable price.

Among all of their products we saw on August 10th Blogger’s meet, Sound Core Nano, Power Core+ and Powerline+ Micro are the best considering the price and quality. They also have other products such as Eufy and Roav. This includes Automotive accessories and other gizmos.

The price delta between original Anker products and Chinese duplicates is very less. While comparing these price with Amazon US and India, we found  that Anker Nepal is selling these items at a very low rate. These are totally original products and there is no need to worry. Pashupati Trade Link is only selling these items in offline market. They can be found in Tamrakar Complex at New Road and other shops as well..

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