Anker Nepal expands with aggressive pricing and extended warranty

Anker Products in Nepal 2018, details

Anker is a world-renowned electronics brand from China. They are popular in many countries, including the USA, Germany, UK, Japan, India, and Nepal. They are very popular in the mobile accessory sector. This includes power banks, chargers, speakers, headphones, data cables, etc. Pashupati Trade Link Pvt. Ltd. is the official distributor of Anker products in Nepal. Murarka Organization is the parent of the Pashupati Trade Link. Anker products were launched in Nepal in 2016. They have been available for a few years, but now they are stepping in aggressively. Anker Nepal is now expanding its market with new products, aggressive pricing, and an extended warranty of 18 months.

Anker gained an excellent reputation in a very small time frame. They have a good name powerbank, and Bluetooth speaker business. Anker is leading markets in many developed nations. They are famous for their best in class power banks. But they are also famous for other products such as cables, chargers, Bluetooth speakers, projectors, etc. Now, Pashupati Trade Link has all these items in Nepal. They have added many new accessories in the market. So we also have a list of all Anker products price in Nepal with details.

In this new aggressive market campaign, we can see surprising low prices. We can see a considerable price difference in Nepal compared to the US and Indian markets. This means we see Anker products at a lower price in Nepal. This is very impressive as well as a fantastic campaign. Pashupati Trade Link says that the company wants to win the hearts of customers. They are also packing the deals with a generous warranty period. They are providing 18 months warranty on every item. This includes even data cables and earphones.

Anker Products in Nepal

Anker Nepal has a lot of accessories in the market. The company started in 2016 with its few power banks. Then slowly, they expanded their portfolio. They added new products to the market. The company began selling products from Soundcore and Nebula as well. These are brands owned by Anker Innovations, which is the parent company. Soundcore has a lineup of wireless Bluetooth speakers, headphones, wireless earphones, and TWS. Nebula has a wide range of portable projectors.

People in other markets know Anker for its high-quality accessories. In Nepal also the company is making a positive mark. People want high-quality products, reasonable pricing, and extended warranty. These are the main pillars of a good product and brand. Anker is checking all the marks with their new campaign. They have set competitive pricing, and they are giving a long 18 months warranty. These are the basic things people want, and they are on point.

In terms of sales, Anker is selling its products, both offline and online. They have chosen a few partners for this. The company is selling its accessories in the retail market as regular. People can go to a retail brick and mortar shops to purchase Anker products with ease. If you can’t find original Anker accessories easily, you can contact them through their social channels and public contact details.

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Reasons to use Genuine Mobile Accessories

We always recommend everyone to buy genuine products. It is because your expensive and delicate device deserves a quality accessory. There are significant differences in quality between a genuine and a duplicate. The aesthetics might dupe consumers, but internally, there are lots of differences. Low-quality data cables, power banks, and chargers have weaker circuits. They might get faulty and damage charging systems, ports, and batteries. Phones and tablets might face problems, and the battery may also get weaker as well.

High-quality original products have a longer life and higher durability. They have better material, design, and higher strength. For example, Anker’s Powerline Micro comes at a very reasonable price and has a longer warranty. It is strong and is made with high-quality materials. Other non branded cables in the market come at a slightly lower price. Sometimes the off-brands cables may be at the same price, but the quality difference is very high. We recommend you to never compromise with charger, data cable, and power banks. They are very critical and can damage your smartphone.

We have seen many people suffer from different issues of USB port, battery, and charging circuits on their phones due to the use of off-brand accessories. The repair charge of these parts can be very high sometimes. Most of the time, to change the USB and charging circuit, the service center ask a high price. So you must take care of your smartphone and accessories. Cost-cutting in quality products might turn in to expensive repair in the future.


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