AOMEI Backupper full review, detailed features overview

AOMEI Technology is a popular name in storage and data industry. We recently got our hands on the new AOMEI Backupper. As lots of our clients have work request regarding hard-drive partition and data safety, we use lots of such software. This time we are having a look at the AOMEI Backupper. Kindly the company gave us a Professional package for testing as well. They also have free version so we are testing both applications and telling our impression of them.

There are many version of the Backup software from AOMEI. There is Standard version for normal users, Professional for advanced then Server and many more versions business. Their packages are compatible for wide range of Windows OS, device types such as SSD, HDD etc. They also support various file systems, disk styles so we are impressed with their support.

Professional Edition: We tested the version 4.1.0. of this software. This is a full version of the application. Comparing to the regular version, there are lots of additional features. First of all users always get better customer support with these versions. Inside the Backupper, users can have access to additional tools such as CD/DVD Backup feature, Backup Image split, Image Merging, System Clone and many others.

The main menu includes Backup, Restore, Clone and Utilities options. In top right Menu, users can change settings such as compression. These can be controlled to have big or small backup file sizes. The main feature can be taken as System backup creation. Then we have Disk Backup, files and a lot more. The backups are created as secure image which is used to restore in future when necessary. These can also be used to clone and even migrate when used properly.


There are lots of other useful features for both normal and pro level users. For example, creating bootable USB is very nice integration. There are many advanced features so there is tutorial available inside Menu. Inside Utilities AOMEI is providing options such as merging and exploring images.

Standard Edition (Free)

This is the AOMEI Backupper for the masses and surprisingly this free edition has all the basic important features. By basic we don’t mean heavily trimmed down version at all. The AOMEI Backupper actually has all the necessary services such as System, Files, Partition and Disk backup feature including sync.

Restore feature is obviously there but some advanced options like System Clone, Image Merging, AOMEI PXE Boot Tools are locked for Pro users. Usually normal users don’t use those so in our view the free version totally worth it. In our use we find no difference in the Pro and standard version for normal backup and restore.

So, in our use and view, AOMEI Backupper is a very good and complete package. There are lots of functions useful for many types of people. If you just want a simple free software to cater you normal Backup and Restore needs then definitely get the Standard version. If your needs are advanced and you want that premium touch and good support then Professional version should be the right choice.

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