AOMEI Backupper full review
AOMEI Backupper full review

AOMEI Technology is a popular name in the storage and data industry. We recently got our hands on the new AOMEI Backupper. As lots of our clients have work request regarding hard disk drive partition and data safety, we use lots of such software. This time we are having a look at the AOMEI Backupper 5.3. They offer a paid version but we are reviewing the free edition for now. The main focus of this software is creating backup, clones and restoring them.

There are many versions of this backup software. There is a Standard version for normal users, Professional for advanced then Server edition and many more versions for business. Their packages are compatible with almost all Windows OS and disks such as Hard Disk Drive(HDD), Solid State Drive (SSD), SSHD, etc. They also support various file systems and disk types so we are impressed with their support. In this review, we are using Windows 10 64 bit in a laptop with one 256 GB SSD and one 1 TB HDD. We also have a full review of the AOMEI partition assistant.

During the review, we are going to walk you thriough AOMEI Backupper’s speciality and features. First of all we like the fact that the package is small and the UI is simple. There are big icons and the procesure also provides information about details. This helps to easily guide users through the process. Users can also learn from the developer’s website. However let us now jump into the review.

Tools, features, and specialty

As the name suggests the function of this software is to provide backup functionality and also help in restoring. The welcome screen comes and the software starts with the option to create backups. This includes backup of system, files, drive, and partition. There is one option for file sync as well. Every other option creates an image but sync does in real-time without an image. This is very useful but if you are a traditional person, then do use the regular image option as it is easy to transfer and copy.

For the image, we can also select the schedule, compression type and splitting of the backup. The restore facility is also very simple to use and it just needs the backup image to restore everything to the original state. Splitting helps a lot in making copies and storing while compression helps to save a great amount of space.

There is a clone feature in the software package which offers disk and partition clone options. We also have Windows cloning tool inside. However, it is a paid or pro feature. This free edition is for the masses and surprisingly it has all the basic important features. By basic we don’t mean heavily trimmed down version at all. The AOMEI Backupper actually has all the important and useful services.



Backup is very important and we recommend everyone to make one. Take one for your operating system and important files. We can buy new hardware if it crashes but getting the software, files, data, and memories is very hard. This is why everyone should be fully prepared for the worst. AOMEI Backupper is a very good and free tool for that purpose. It has easy to use features and provides all basic and important features.

In our review, we found it clean, compact and fast. This free backup software is easy to navigate and most of all it gets the work done. We like this software and if you want an application to secure your important data then give this one a try. The standard edition is enough for normal home users but if you really need more power, there are advanced version available as well.

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