Apple upgrades iPod Touch 6th Generation with 64-bit processor

Apple upgrades iPod Touch 6th Gen

Apple once used to be a brand famous for iPod. There was a time when having an iPod was the coolest thing. At that time Apple was one unique company to produce the best music player. iPods have come a long way. But the iPhone and other smartphones replaced the iPod because they can play music and do a lot more. There are different types of iPod like Classic, Nano, Shuffle, and Touch is one of them. This famous device has come to the 6th generation and for the first time, it has a processor with 64 bit architecture. Apple upgrades iPod Touch sometime only and when they do, they bring interesting changes.

At first, there was a classic which had buttons. After that touch sensors came. Finally, we got into the screen touch generation. Even though iPod sales are down due to the iPhone, most of us have a special place for them in our heart. Apple has come up with a new 6th generation iPod with some great features. Sony also released new digital Walkman. They used to be great entertainers in the past. There was a time when CD Man and Walman were very popular. All these things changes when Apple introduced iPod for the first time.

This year iPod touch is using a new A8 chip with 64-bit architecture. This is a new improvement and brings lots of power. Powerful architecture and instruction set can improve performance. For price, the 16GB model costs $199, 32 GB version costs $249, 64GB costs $299 and 128GB version costs $399. The new A8 SoC just like of iPhone 6 is featured in this one for faster processing of data and graphics. The new Apple Music will also be bundled.

iPod Touch 6th Gen Features and Improvements

The new iPod used Apple A8 chip that is used in iPhone 6. In a way, this device is similar to the iPhone 6. But there is no SIM support and call capability. Rather than just a music player, it is now a full entertainment device. This new iPod has Apple A8 chip that has 1.4 GHz dual-core processor. This uses a new 64-bit architecture and makes it more interesting. There is about more than 4-time performance jump according to benchmark scores between 5th and 6th gen iPod. This is due to the new processor.

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It works with 1 GB RAM and has different storage options. The front screen is 4″ IPS LCD Retina display. There is a new 1.2 Megapixel f/2.2 front-facing camera. It is there for face time mainly. The front camera has better face detection and can also record 720p videos. At the back side, there is 8 MP sensor with f/2.4 aperture. This can record full HD videos at 1920×1080 and 720p videos at 120 fps. It has features like Burst mode, auto HDR, Panorama, Stabilization, and timer mode.


iPod Touch 6th gen also supports new WiFi ac and AiPlay mirroring to Apple TV. Users can also mirror using Lightning Digital AV adapters. Apple has also implemented Siri in this player. There is a home button at the front like previous iPods but still, there is no Touch ID. There is also a black patch at the back that helps to make way for antennas. iPhones have bands around sides but here there is a big patch at back.

Dedicated Players and Future

This device for the die-hard fans and who want to buy this to keep a collection. iPod Touch is getting a lot of upgrades this time. On the other hand products like iPod Nano and Shuffle are just getting new color options. They are being manufactured in gold, hot pink and dark blue. This is looking like the end of the line for these devices. People don’t use and carry a dedicated music player with them. A good smartphone does all the work.

People carry only one device these days in their pocket. Some people might use a smartwatch but in case of pocket, it is usually one. Our smartphones do all our job easier. Music playing is just a small task for them. However, we can see some people carrying iPods for their workout session and jogging. The Nano and shuffle were popular for that. Many fans might also buy to see new features and change. Seeing the new technology and trend, we don’t see these going forward. The future is for integrated smaller devices only.

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