Balaju School of Engineering Notice
CTEVT 2072 Exam notice for BSET

Balaju School of Engineering and Technology (BSET) has announced for admission for the intake of academic year 2072/2073. This is under CTEVT (Council for Technical Education & Vocational Training).  The course is a diploma course of 2 years. The eligible candidates for the entrance exam are S.L.C. or so equivalent. They are also taking students for Technical SLC as well.

This institute is situated in Balaju, Kathmandu. It is a very old institute and it was established in 1962. TSLC and Diploma are major study level in BSET. They teach Diploma in Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering. For TSLC, they teach Electrical, Sanitation and Mechanical. BSET is famous for Mechanical and it was also known as Mechanical Training Center in the past.

Balaju School of Engineering and Technology is taking 35 students in each faculty in Diploma level. They are taking 35 students in each faculty in the TSLC level. It is a very famous institute and the competition is high. These kinds of technical education provide skills and knowledge for fieldwork. Many people do a Diploma and then go for a Bachelor of Engineering. This is also a good practice to get knowledge from the ground up. But if you really want to do engineering we suggest studying physics at the intermediate level before doing bachelors. This improves mathematics and understanding of basic science.

BSET Entrance Details

There are 72 seats in Diploma level and 105 seats in Technical SLC. The exam dates and form submission dates are as follows.

  1. Diploma (Form submission- 2072/04/12, Entrance- 2072/04/16 2 PM)
  2. TSLC (Form submission- 2072/04/25, Entrance- 2072/04/30 8 AM)

More details are in the notice below

CTEVT 2015 Exam Notice for BSET
CTEVT 2015 Exam Notice for BSET

This kind of technical education provides a lot of field idea and training. Students can learn a lot of technical skills. Fieldwork is challenging and skills are very important. These days everyone wants higher level of education. This is why people usually do B.E after diploma. Nepal Engineering College entrance exam 2072 is also happening parallelly for new batch intake.


CTEVT and Higher Level Technical Education

The CTEVT is an autonomous body organization that oversees technical education and vocational training in Nepal. It also provides advice to the Government. They provide different pieces of training and classes as well. More commonly we know them as a body that oversees these technical courses and colleges like Diploma in BSET. Similarly, this organization also develops curriculum and improves it. They update the curriculum according to time and need of country and jobs.

Higher Level education is very important these days. All organizations want skilled manpower. Moreover, technical skills are in high demand. Private or government organizations ask for good education first. Then comes skills and experience. TSLC is actually pre-SLC so it is before Diploma. In Nepal a Diploma is 2 years course. It is equivalent to Intermediate level or +2. These courses are great for getting skills and job immediately.

If the plan is to become Engineer of higher position, Bachelors is necessary. Students can easily go for B.E. after diploma. But many people recommend studying science in 10+2 level and then pursuing B.E. Now only CTEVT provides diploma courses.


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