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A lot of people suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Many people with heart problems require a pacemaker for their survival. Most pacemakers have a battery that lives a long time. But after a while, it needs replacing. Replacing means the requirement of the new surgery. A better thing has now come that can save people from this. It is the new battery less pacemaker that runs on your own heartbeat. Scientists of Switzerland have developed this new device that can help millions of people.

People really don’t like to do surgery. Medical science and advancement in medicine are great but no one wants to be on the operating table. Till now patients had to do surgery to change the battery of the pacemaker. We know that heart surgeries are complex and expensive. Therefore this new innovation can save lives, money and time. According to the European Society of Cardiology, researches have shown a new batteryless cardiac pacemaker. Instead of a battery, it relies on heartbeat movement similar to a wristwatch.

A pacemaker is a delicate electronic device that is placed near the patient’s heart. It sends electrical signals to the heart using leads. Those signals stimulate the heart muscles and regulate its movement. It is a gift of science in medical technology. A pacemaker is usually implanted when patients have slow heart rhythm. If the rhythms can’t be solved by using medications then patients need a pacemaker.

Tech behind the new battery less pacemaker

The science behind the new pacemaker comes from the fancy technology used in the Automatic Watch. The wearer’s hand motion powers such types of watch. In such watches, a spring gets twisted during motion. This stored energy is used to provide energy to other parts of the watch.

In the same way, heartbeat motion provides such mechanical energy. The new battery-less pacemaker has parts made up of piezoelectric materials. They can store energy during movement. This energy is accumulated in a capacitor which then powers the device. The power requirement of the pacemaker for a human heart is 10 micro-watts. The energy produced by the heart’s motion can provide the required power.

It is believed that this can save many people from expensive surgery in the future. Battery replacement surgeries can be dangerous sometimes. Patients can get complications and infections. Usually, a pacemaker battery normally runs for about 10 years. However, this new technology with an old clockwork idea is aiming to get rid of battery replacement altogether. These are some good technology like the new spinal cord implant.


Keep a Healthy Heart

We all know the saying “Health is Wealth”. In our view, medical research and development should be the top priority of today’s world. There is now a huge increase in the number of heart patients. The number of patients with cardiovascular and metabolic diseases is on the rise. New medicines and procedures are in development to cope with these issues. In spite of all of that, we all must take care of our eating habits.

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We are hearing reports of heart attacks and strokes with teenagers as well. Increasing obesity and decreasing healthy habits are some major causes. We first need to take care of our food intake and exercise. People are consuming more processed and junk food these days. This is increasing problems rapidly. People need good education on heart diseases, nutrition, and healthy living. Knowledge of a healthy lifestyle and implementation in life can save people without medicine and surgeries.

There is also a need for the development in the field of bionics. Our world is doing good progress in medicine. Still, things are not enough. Average life expectancy is rising globally and the infant mortality rate is also declining. Let us all hope we find solutions to all our medical problems soon. As far as possible let us all develop a healthy eating habit and healthy life.



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