Battery less pacemaker for heart patients
Battery less pacemaker for heart patients

Lots of people have heart problem and require pacemaker for their survival. Most pacemakers have battery that lives a long time. But after a while, it needs replacing. A better thing has now come that can save you a surgery of future. It is a battery less pacemaker that runs on your own heartbeat. Scientists of Switzerland have developed this new device that can help millions of people. 

Till now patients had to do a surgery to change the battery of the pacemaker. We know cardiology surgery is a complex and expensive surgery. Pacemaker is a delicate electronic device that is placed on a patients heart. It stimulates the heart muscles and regulates its movement. It is a gift of science in cardiology.

A pacemaker is usually implanted when the slow heart rhythm can’t be solved using medications. Defibrillator is another device that provides appropriate amount of shock to a patients heart. This prevents the patient from dying due to unnatural heart rhythm and mainly a cardiac arrest.

Battery less pacemaker for heart patients
Pacemaker Schematics

The Science behind new battery-less pacemaker


The science and technology behind the new pacemaker comes from the fancy technology used in the Automatic Watch.¬†Such watch are powered by the motion of the wearer’s hand. In the watch a main spring gets twisted which stores energy then it is used to provide the energy to parts of watch. In the same way the heart beats provide such energy which is accumulate in a capacitor which then powers the pacemaker. The power requirement of the pacemaker for a human heart is 10 micro-watts. We believe that this can save many people from an expensive surgery in future.

Medical Developments

We all know the saying “Health is Wealth”. In our view, medical research and development should be top priority of today’s world. There is now huge increase in number oh heart patients. The obesity rate is inclining upwards and hypertension patients are also increasing. New medicines are in development but first we all must take care of our eating habit.

Medical developments are now very important because case of heart attacks on teen age and youths are on rise. This is just one of the problem and there are many health problems on rise. The need of development in bionics is also hugely important. Our world is doing a progress in medicine and we can see it in data. Average life expectancy is rising globally and infant mortality rate is declining rapidly. Lets all hope we find solutions to all our medical problems soon. As far as possible lets all develop a healthy eating habit and healthy life.

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