Best Budget Desktop PC to build this Holiday Season

Best budget gaming desktop in holiday season

The holiday season are here again. Shops, vendors and online stores are holding sales as usual. Many people wait for Black Friday, Cyber Monday each year to buy  various things. Almost all stores provide huge discounts on these holiday season. This frenzy goes till Christmas. If you are planning to build a budget gaming PC this season, we are here to help. We will be building a cheap desktop PC capable to play games at decent quality with least money.

In order to be able to game, we will need to maintain some standard. As we are focusing more on gaming, this setup will be capable to do almost all regular jobs including video editing. Computer sector has seen a lot of development since many years. Now people can enjoy more value at less money.

Hardware and powerful equipment are getting cheaper each year. Many of our readers are students and tech lovers. So our main focus is getting most out of our money. For this we have selected few options. The decision will be totally yours because computer should be as per your need and demand. We have taken price reference from

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Processor: As for processor, we are going with two options. Intel Core i3 8100 or Ryzen 3 1200. Both of these are quad core CPU with amazing performance. The i3 is a bit better and expensive option but currently they are hard to find. Ryzen boards are cheap and they are unlocked for overclocking unlike Intel.

Motherboard: A normal board for AMD Ryzen 1200 is going to cost anywhere from $59 and upwards. We suggest you to get MSI B350 Gaming Pro motherboard. As for Intel, there is drawback because only expensive Z370 boards are available. Those are worthless for locked processors like i3. Z370 board start at minimum $120 so wait for B360 and H370 boards to launch on 2018.


Memory and Storage: Our suggestion is to get minimum of 8 GB DDR4 RAM. The average price currently is $76 for Kingston Hyper X Fury. If you want better performance and stability always use two sticks and enable double channel. For storage a 1 TB Western Digital HDD should suffice. It is priced at around $58.

If you can invest a bit more, do get a 128 GB SSD. It also costs about $50 and will improve the system speed, boot times, application execution by manifold.

Graphics Card: For a gaming computer, graphics card is most important hardware. Currently the best graphics card to buy is Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB at $140. It provides excellent 1080p gaming at high quality and amazing frame rates. Try to get RX 470 or GTX 1060 3GB if possible for better results.

Casing and Other parts

These things are not so important because they just hold the internals. People who want to show their hardware can buy cases with side window at just $50. Cheaper cases are also available with no side window.


Always be very careful while choosing power supply.Choose a rated power supply from reputed manufacturers. Our suggestion is to buy Corsair CX 450 Watts at $43. Use good cooling solutions if you can afford. At least use two fans for maintaining positive air flow inside CPU cabinet. One fan at front for inlet and one fan at back for outlet will work best. Happy Holidays Everyone and share your build thoughts with us.

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