Best Budget Gaming Laptops in Nepal
Best Budget Gaming Laptops in Nepal

Laptops are the best solution for portable personal computer. They have become cheaper and better with time. These days both desktops and laptops provide tremendous value than ever. In Nepal, many of us buy laptops for portability, power and work. Most of us buy laptops starting from 30K-80k. We are focusing on best value budget laptops that will provide power for all normal works as well as delightful gaming.

Laptops make our PC need very simplified. They can run longer on batteries these days which is very fruitful as well. Newer processor architecture and fabrication process are making more efficient battery. Power cut also caused many people to leave their desktop and embrace laptops.

People buy laptop for work and portability but many of us love to game time to time. Gaming can be way of relaxing after work. So we are suggesting some good budget laptops that will provide good power for gaming and work as well without spending extra on hardware. Key point while choosing computer with good gaming horsepower is choosing device with good graphics card.

Lets us simply start by listing some best laptops that we liked. The price indicated here suggests average market price and will vary.

1) ASUS VivoBook 14 X442UA:¬†This is a really appealing new generation laptop with 8th Gen Coffee Lake Core i5 Processor. It has 14” HD LED screen which for display. On the inside Asus is packing 4 GB Nvidia 940 MX, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard Disk and Windows 10. Its cost is around Rs 82,000. New Coffee Lake processors are very good than last gen CPU as core count is increased. The graphics card with this laptop is also very capable one. Users can easily enjoy new games in mid to high settings. GTA V, Battlefield 1 can run delightfully on this machine.

2) Dell Inspiron 3467: Dell 3467 is a powerful laptop with Core i7 7500U and AMD Radeon R5 M430. Inside the system holds 4 GB RAM and 1 TB Hard Drive. The laptop can support maximum of 16 GB RAM. It’s 14” HD screen is Anti Glare for better view. The GPU is mediocre level and sits below Geforce 920MX actually. This laptop is good due to processor but new 8th Gen i5 is better. Still this laptop can perform really great and provide great work experience and decent gaming performance. The average market price of Dell 3467 is about 73000.

3) Dell Inspiron 15R 5570: Dell is offering new Core i5 8250U quad core processor with 8 threads. It is better than desktop range previous Core i5 chips as well. This laptop comes with 4 GB RAM but we advice to upgrade that to 8 GB while buying. Graphics card is 2 Gigabytes of AMD Radeon R7 M460. It powers the pixels to 15.6” 1080p display. For storage we get 1 TB HDD. Latest game titles ask about 4 GB video memory but you can enjoy games in medium settings with tuned down settings. Inspiron 5570’s average selling price in Nepal is Rs 64,000.

4) Lenovo Ideapad 320: Ideapad are popular lineup from Lenovo. This product is packing 7th Gen Core i5 7200U and 4 GB RAM. There is 1 TB HDD and 2 GB Geforce 920 MX. It can easily play games at mid settings on the 14” HD screen. To everyone buying laptop for playing games, we suggest to have at-least have 8 GB of RAM. Less video memory affects RAM easily. Users can play new and fewer old titles in medium settings easily with some settings customization. Its average market Price is around Rs 58,000

There are three tiers of laptop users in Nepal. First tier users are basic users who use their computer for word processing, web browsing, spreadsheet work, movies and entertainment. Next group is biggest group who buy mid level computers. They are students, office employees, business man etc. These people use their PC for many tasks including programming, coding, office work, storing files and gaming. The highest but smallest group is professional, enthusiast and high end gamers.

In our radar, people mostly but mid range laptops that gives good value and performance. It should also be fit for few years to come. Up-gradation is also big concern of people while purchasing new system. It is very hard to track new models in Nepali Laptop market because they refresh very soon.

Unlike mobile companies the distribution chain is not easily traceable. There are few brands but we have selected few from market. Our advice is to buy laptop from companies that have good after sales service and customer care. Do ask for confirmation from your vendor while purchasing.


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