Best budget smartphones under Rs 10,000 in Nepal

Best phones under Rs 10,000 in Nepal

Budget segment is still the biggest market segment. Most people don’t buy expensive flagship phones. Many people buy and start their journey of mobiles with cheap one. Still many people ask our recommendation for mobiles below 10k price tag. In our working years, we have seen fascinating degree of development in phones. This has made better phones cheaper than ever. So this is our list of few best budget smartphones under Rs 10,000 in Nepal.

There are many companies in Nepal. Almost all of them have large number of phones in mid range and upper budget category. Few compete in high level flagship zone. But seeing the scenario of our country, we still need entry level phones. Majority of population outside Kathmandu in rural place use bar phones.

They are still not on smartphone because it is still expensive. Bar phones are way cheaper than smartphones. So our focus is currently on cheapest and best phones under this price bracket. We know that to get better value for your money, there is a threshold you should spend. Some cheap options may sound good but quality and other factors need to be checked too.

So, lets put our list of best smartphones under Rs 10k in Nepal.

Huawei Y3 (2018) Rs 11,400
Motorola Moto C Rs 10,990
Coolpad NX1 Rs 10,226
Gionee P5W Rs 9,999
OTTO Frank Dual Rs 9,996
CG Omega 6 Rs 9,777
ZTE Blade L5 Plus Rs 9,600
Nokia 1 Rs 9,325
Colors S1 Rs 9,995
Gionee P5 Mini Rs 7,999

These are some top suggestion for now. We have tried to include phones from almost all companies. Some of the phones in this list may be old. It is because companies haven’t refreshed their low end phones. Our try is to include good phones from popular companies. People do tend to search for phone of selected companies very much.


In the above list, phones are very near the price tag and some are over the range also. This is because other phones in our view were not good enough. But these phones were good and popular. So almost half of them crossed the budget a bit.


These phones will provide decent hardware and specs. The camera in these phones are just good enough for simple pictures. We don’t expect much from them. But these days they are getting pretty good with both cameras. Call quality on these phones are top notch with no problems.

We recommend you to look at these phones first by yourself. Best recommendation from us is Huawei Y3 (2018). Nokia 1 is another very interesting phone with Android Go. Currently these are the only phones we recommend. If you have any other suggestion do share with us.

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