Best entry level low budget Laptops in Nepal

Cheap Budget laptops in Nepal

Some people just need a computer or PC at their work and home. We know that everyone doesn’t have decent budget nor the need. Our recommendation is simple, only buy what you need. There are products of almost all price range in Nepali market. So we have made a list of few best entry level low budget Laptops in Nepal. These are meant for students, office workers and home users.

Most people would just need a cheap PC at home for small space and budget. Entry level laptops are great solution for that. Desktop will provide cheaper solution but portability is an important factor. The laptops in our list can run Microsoft Office package, medium demanding programming software and web browsers with ease. Laptops with Coffeelake or newer processors can also handle HEVC streaming with ease.

While choosing a laptop in any budget, choose processor of latest generation. Weather it is Pentium, Celeron or i series chip they have generation. Newer the generation better the performance and efficiency. We have listed few laptops that will provide good performance for the starting range budget.

Dell Inspiron 3542: Dell has many variants of laptops in Inspiron 3542. It can include anywhere from i5, i7 to Pentium. The model we are talking here costs Rs 32,000 and comes with 4th Gen Intel Pentium Dual Core 3558U.  For memory, we get standard 4 GB and for storage there is 500 GB hard drive. Users also get optical drive and get Ubuntu OS pre-installed. This Dell 3542 runs with Intel HD graphics which can handle Full HD videos very easily.

Lenovo Ideapad 320 E2: This is the AMD processor variant of Lenovo IP. It runs on dual core AMD AMD E2-9000 SOC and 4 GB RAM. The graphics is AMD R2 series which powers the 14” LED display. At Rs 37,000 customers are getting 500 GB hard disk variant with DOS OS. This means users need to install Windows or other OS themselves. Model with Intel processors are also available in market.

ASUS VivoBook Max X441NA: Asus is selling this laptop as a Student PC. Its average cost is Rs 38,000 in Nepali market. This VivoBook comes with a 14” LED with 1366×768 resolution. It works with 4 GB RAM and low powered Intel Celeron N3450 four threaded processor. There is 500 GB hard disk and an optical drive. Many other I/O options like USB, RJ45 are also included at the sides. It has sufficient power to run normal applications for office users, students and home users.


HP 15AC: The popular computer manufacturer HP is offering laptop with 14” LED screen and 6th Gen Core i3 processor at Rs 44,000. This PC comes with 4 GB DDR4 RAM, 1 TB HDD and Windows 8.1 Genuine. It also has dedicated 2 GB AMD Radeon R5 M430 graphics card. This laptop can surely fulfill more demands than usual with some low to mid level gaming as well.

While purchasing a laptop always read the review about it. Find out if there is option to add RAM or change HDD in future or not. Make sure there is good after sales service and warranty. Most reputed and popular manufacturers do have service centers but do ask your retailer. Always try to get the computer with processor of latest generation and keep it updated with new genuine software.

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