Best free VPN Services to use in Nepal

Best free VPN and proxy service in Nepal

There are many websites that are blocked in Nepal and have restrictions. Our Government also has many filters and blocks various websites. Many websites don’t give full access to their contents such as Netflix and Google. Users can access different interesting contents according to their internet location. Most demanded location is United states and United Kingdom. Nepali people regularly use VPN and proxy services to surf internet and get international content. To help everyone, we have created this list of best free VPN Services to use in Nepal.

It also provides anonymity to the users which is great. Honestly, most of us don’t like to pay for the services. Also, there is no way to pay for software and apps online in Nepal because of no online payment gateway. We have complied a list of few of our best websites, software and apps that gives best VPN and proxy services.

People can use these services to surf the internet anonymously and also bypass the ISP or government blocked sites. Identity may be compromised if users use their personal accounts on the websites. This list is truly created from our personal experienceWe don’t encourage people to do any illegal activities with this knowledge. Before listing the VPN services we want to introduce you to DNS service. DNS servers also help you jump the hurdles of ISP. We use NTC ADSL and by using foreign DNS in our ADSL routers we managed to get access to almost all blocked sites.

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Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare is one of the biggest internet company that provides lots of services. Mainly they serve CDN service for websites. They protect from DDOS attacks, spams and help website owners save bandwidth and resources. Cloudflare also provides free DNS service which is very fast and also provides you privacy. They delete the records and don’t keep it which also makes it secure.

In our use, we find that Cloudflare DNS is very fast compared to NTC’s server and on top there are no restrictions. Users can just simply go to their ADSL routers and then set the servers in DNS part of LAN menu. The primary server is and secondary server is 1.0.01. For Normal routers just go to Interface part then navigate to LAN settings and then find DNS and enter these and save. These servers can be set on router or even in devices such as Windows. We highly recommend you to set them in the routers.

VPN Services

Best services are premium and charge on monthly or yearly basis. If privacy and security id your top concern then definitely opt for paid service. For normal users, free services will be enough. This is the list of best VPN services for Nepali users.

1) VPN Book: VPN Book is one of our most favorite way to get VPN service. It provides settings and login credentials which can be used in both computer and mobiles. We use the VPNBook’s PPTP services to enable Google Now Cards in Nepal. It provides free PPTP VPN service for USA, Canada and Europe’s location. People need to just setup the servers address, input the credentials and just log in for use. Simply add the servers and login information in you VPN settings of mobile and enjoy. (

 2) Hide My Ass: This site provides free Proxy service but no free VPN. There are many countries available in the list. It helps you to protect your identity and mask the IP address. Thus, users can open blocked links and contents online without identity compromise. (

3) Opera VPN: Opera provides free VPN service via mobile app and its browsers in computers. It gives unlimited amount of data to the users. Mobile users need to install the Opera Free VPN app to enjoy this features. Computer users get this service built in with the browser. It can be turned on/off with a simple click. The default proxy location is USA and the speed is also very decent.


4) Hotspot Shield:

 This is one of the most popular service provider all around the globe. There is official mobile app and web browser plugin for almost all browsers. It can be used after just simple installation. We use this app to temporarily access USA Google Play Store from Nepal and India. There is no need to even create an account. There is another permanent way to get all the contents and services of Google Play from any region as well.

5) Tunnel Bear: This company provides high quality service to the users for free but in quota. There is monthly quota for free users. Users need to create an account and log in before using the service. Tunnel Bear has android app and browser extension available for everyone. There is limit of 500 MB per month but we like it. We just use the service for very important things only.


It is really great to use these software to protect our identity and see new contents. We recommend to use VPN Book’s PPTP in mobile if you don’t want to use any app. VPN changes your location and provides better security. On the other hand, DNS such as Cloudflare helps skip ISP filters and blocks. It takes no special skills and space in mobile. If users want great experience with ease and large data volume, Hotspot Shield is the answer.

For desktop users who don’t want any extensions, Opera is great option. We also recommend Cyber Ghost and Tunnel bear very much. Hide My Ass can be used for very short and small work. We welcome people to suggest us the service they like and also tell us their experience.


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