Free Web Hosting
Free Web Hosting

For the Internet is full of hoax and fake sites with multiple negative minded people who just want to take profit or just do damage. This is list of best free web hosting service available on the internet. Please read this article carefully because a wrong choice of hosting service can attract a lot of trouble that might even include being black listed in Google. Most of the providers provide free plan as a bait and capture domains and make people buy their services. I found many websites review concluding that a paid plan is best but as my article’s title I will only state the best free hosting service.

I registered this domain in Nepal then I searched for best free web hosting that can satisfy all my need.This article deals with hosting need for a website dealing with blog sites which provides content only such as review, tips etc. Some services won’t be enough for sub domain hosting and other advanced tasks. I have done research on this subject for 1 year and this is the list and conclusion of the whole journey.But before jumping into hosting have you got a free domain name or not.The list of best services with the best one are given below.

5) 000WebHost

This was the first service recommended by me colleges and some of my IT consultant acquaintances. This website provides free PHP hosting that is able to handle WordPress, Joomla and other famous CMS(Content Management System). You will get 1.5 GB Disk space and 100GB/Month bandwidth. Its sufficient for a starter site. If your site gains popularity then you should get premium service

4) XtreemHost

XtreenHost is one of the best provider with greatest uptime and service and control panels. Their free plan only open sometime so you need to be connected through the site or social accounts to get notice.You’l get 2.5 GB Disk and 100GB monthly bandwidth with 30 script installation opportunities. It’s definitely gold

3) Host1Free


I hosted my site for some months at Host1Free because I registered my domain at a fake and cheat site “”(never use it|pure fake site). Due to the reason my domain was registered in worldwide cPanel database I couldn’t register in any cPanel hosting provider. This site isn’t actually cPanel based so is a bit different. They provide 2GB disk and 10GB Bandwidth for free. The most biggest my site suffered was 503 error  then I ended the account. They also provide free VPS hosting if you would like to try.

2) Hostinger

Hostinger is a very big free hosting service. They have servers in more than 10 countries. They also provide 20GB Disk and 100GB monthly bandwidth. They have ost upgraded cPanel and new SSH Console and everything. Their forums and support is great. The main problem with them is that they can’t handle more than 400 visitors in a minute or two and they suspend the site for 24 hrs which affects the site rank badly.


Uhostfull is my personal favorite and my only choice for free PHP and SQL hosting for WordPress. They have best service with 10GB Disk space and 200GB monthly bandwidth. They also now suspend the site if the site consumes more than 40% of their CPU. Except that fact everything is awesome because they provide each connection with 1Gbps Node. They also provide SSH Console and hotlink protection.
Now the best for the last. The best hosting service to host you blog site is ..wait for it..

##1) Google(Blogger)

Blogger has an option to change the name of you site address. If you redirect your new bought domain to you site you can get a free hosting forever. There is no limit on resources and it can handle great amount of data and visitors. You can buy responsive and professional templates on line and design you site to look beautiful and perform great in SEO. The with some contents you site will be best. The responsive templates with HTML 5 and CSS 3 can be bought and installed with ease. Blogger has no restriction or anything.
I created this list according to my journey of free host. IO might update this in future if present one doesn’t satisfies me. If you want free sub domain these websites also provide free sub domain after sign up without your own domain. Enjoy the services and keep in touch. Tell us if you want to know something and also inform us if you know any better services.
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