Best Free Web Hosting Service Providers for 2019: Top 5 List

Best Free Web Hosting

Hosting is necessary for every website owner. Servers hold the file that makes up for the website and they serve them when someone requests it. Every time domain name is entered in the web browser, the DNS resolves it and points it towards the server. The Web servers consist of powerful computers with huge resources and constant internet connection. We know the paid hosting service is best but some of us may want to get good free service. There is nothing wrong in that. Therefore this is the top 5 list of best free web hosting services.

There is a huge range of hosting service providers according to feature and price. But free service is also pretty nice in the market. However, one must be very careful while choosing these. If the service providers are good, you can prosper. But if they are bad, the website reputation may tarnish due to problems. Thus we tell everyone to choose these very wisely. In this list, we are telling about the companies that give the best free web hosting and domain services. Mostly they give sub-domain but if you already have registered a TLD like .com, then you can give these a try.

We are ranking the service providers according to their features and reputation. Everyone has a different level of service and offering. They offer a different level of storage and bandwidth. We are also taking the help of other hosting service reviewers. In the past, we have seen companies banning and blocking sites without cause or notice. Some free providers deliberately stop hosting and throttle the users to make them pay a premium price. So do read review in different places and then only choose. For now, these are some places where you can host your website for free.


1) Google (Blogspot) Hosting

Blogger has a big history and background in the web community. This is Google product and they provide subdomain. It is a very simple blogging website and it can be useful for many people. At first, people are assigned subdomain but if they want they can point their domain to the blogspot blog. This can be set up under settings in blog address. It is called the Custom Domain or 3rd Party URL. Basically, the URL structure changes for the whole site.

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This solution serves as a free web hosting service. Many bloggers use it and we also used it in the past. It is free and there is virtually no downtime. The storage is also very big because everything goes into Google Photos. Website maintenance is also easier. In addition, there is no need for higher technical skills. Blogger hosted website is the best solution we can recommend to anyone with less budget. There are many ways to do good SEO on Blogspot sites and earn money as well. Users can buy or install free themes that can give good design and features. People who want a simple portfolio site can also use this method.

2) Infinity Free

Infinity Free is one of the best free web hosting sites. Their service specifications are very solid. Users get unlimited bandwidth, storage, 10 email accounts, and up to 400 MySQL databases. Unlike others, Infinity Free also provides free SSL, Cloudflare CDN support and DNS service. Some of these features aren’t even available in paid services. The company also claims 99.9% uptime which is absolutely great.


In terms of feature, this is an amazing package. The services listed in the site are amazing even if compared to expensive paid packages. It is a great package with Cpanel and other associated features.

3) Byte Host

Byet Host provides free web hosting service and they are doing this for a long time. They also provide domain name registration facility. According to their website, the free plan includes unlimited storage, bandwidth, addon domains, SQL databases, and 24/7 support. There is Vista Panel for managing everything which is a bit different in terms of UI. Most providers use Cpanel but Vista Panel also has similar interface and features. Users also get Softaculous script installer which helps them to set up CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

4) 5GB Free

The name says it all for this company. 5GB Free provides a total of five gigabytes of storage and 20 GB bandwidth at no cost. Users get limited services like 1 FTP account and a maximum of 3 MySQL databases. The company provides Cpanel but no support for email accounts, addon domain, and parked domain. This is a barebone hosting service for small sites. The company sells 5GB Free Pro at $2.95/month and it has 100GB space plus unlimited bandwidth. It also has all the benefits of other premium packages.

5) GoogieHost

GoogieHost is in the hosting service marketplace for a long time. They provide 1000 MB storage and unlimited bandwidth. The available uplink speed is 100 MBPS for the server. Users do get power to create email accounts, access SSH and have technical support. Only 2 MySQL databases and FTP accounts are available. But this is not a problem for entry-level users. High-end users obviously go for premium services. Most people who get these services are starting bloggers, website lovers and tech enthusiasts who want to learn about website building and hosting.


It is behind 5GB Free due to its storage restrictions only. Besides that, it has much better services. Email accounts are a must because the corporate address has a big importance in work and business. They give identification, recognition and sometimes authorization. We know that Google Blogspot doesn’t have that but we give them a pass for all other amazing services. Still, users can get such accounts through paid G Suite service.

Experience, Advice, and Conclusion

In our starting days, we have had many struggles. We tested a lot of these services and we say a lot of issues. 000Webhost used to suspend our services very shortly and they were hacked in past years. This compromised our email id and password. It shows that we must be very careful while choosing service providers because they can be a security hazard. In addition, we are trusting them with our website and user data, so it is a very crucial thing.

Yes, there are good free web hosting sites but you should choose them carefully. If you want flexibility and think of future scalability, then go with Cpanel hosting. So in our view, Infinity Free is the best free hosting site but for many people. Similarly, Google’s Blogger can be another great alternative. There are other companies as well and you can try them. But be very careful with them because we have had a bad experience.

Some also choose to build their own hosting using a good computer or old server. As everyone says “There is no such thing as free lunch”, it holds up in future. When business and site grows, you do need to move to premium services like Cloud and VPS. Therefore also think of the future of your website and choose very carefully. Do share your experience with us as well.


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