International USD credit and debit cards in Nepal
International USD credit and debit cards in Nepal

Most people get International cards from Nepali bank while travelling abroad. This is very common practice and they are are called Travel Cards. People can also get International credit and debit cards in Nepal for various purpose. Such cards can be used internationally. These are issued to people and organizations who either have permit from NRB or earning in foreign currency (mainly USD). We have listed few banks who have best card services that provide good value.

Each bank has different rates and partners like Visa and Masters Card. Some also have American Express cards. Mostly people use travel cards while travelling abroad. It is easier to issue on Passport basis. Most banks issue only International USD credit cards instead of debit cards. There are actually many benefits of having a credit card though.

There are perks, but getting credit card requires fulfilling some high standards and criteria. People can use any debit or credit card for offline or online payments. The international cards issued by the A class Nepali banks can pay in online sites unlike regular NPR cards. We are ranking them on basic of many factors like charges, conditions and status.

NIBL Visa Gold: Nepal Investment Bank offers Visa Gold Credit card to their customers. Card department confirmed us that these cards work worldwide and for online payment. They offer these to USD FCY account holders. Their joining fees is $25 and yearly charge is also $25. They are quite expensive then other banks in comparison.

Citizens Bank Visa: They offer both debit and credit cards with Visa network. It is very good to have both choices. Debit is easier to avail compared to credit cards. They charge $20 annually and $20 as joining fee for premium card. PAN card, FCY income documents and other information are necessary to get their service.

Nabil Smart MasterCard International: Nabil bank is offering USD Master Card to the customers. They also guarantee online payment capability. The joining fees is $25 and yearly charge is $10. This can be used by frequent travelers to reduce hassle of exchanging currency regularly. They also provide supplementary card if requested.


Himalayan Bank: Himalayan Bank has wide range of International cards. The bank offers Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Master Card International and American Express Gold. They have different rates for each cards. We found that the cheapest one is Visa Classic card. People with higher income and expenditure can easily get Amex and Gold cards. They have higher benefits but bank will issue them by looking at your account status and history.

There are many banks in Nepal who provide such service. According to NRB rules, people require documents that prove earning in foreign currency especially USD. NRB approval letter is also necessary for some cases. Do look at websites of banks and talk to their customer service for more information.


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