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Internet is apparently the best thing of this century and websites are the fruits of this garden where you can select anything you love. Beside war with Net Neutrality everything is fine with it. Many people have ordinary jobs and degree but may have unique idea on mind. They try to do startup and be an entrepreneur. We have selected some series from YouTube that provide both motivation and fun on this subject. 

We have actually selected ‘Desi’ series. ‘Desi’ is a term used in Indian Subcontinent which includes India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. To be honest many people in all these countries know Hindi as being a big country and influential media and obviously Bollywood. These are our top 3 selections.

3) Baked

Baked is a YouTube series created by channel named ScoopWhoop. They have around 45700 subscribers and their episodes have view about 2 million. This shows the show is good. It is about few regular guys going to college where a new guy comes from another city to live with them. Stepping on streets to find food at late night, they somehow get an idea to do a Startup and plan to do late night delivery of food to parties, students. Find out how much they succeed and how they plan to do it.

Baked Episode
Baked Episode

2) Energized Entrepreneurs

This is latest production of The Viral Fever Video with Pond’ Men. TVF is famous for making comedy videos in title of Qtiyapa. They feature many artists, celebrities and famous people like Arvind Kejriwal, Sarukh Khan etc. This is new series being played at their site In this show host Ronnie Screwvala features entrepreneurs of India like Ritesh Agarwal (Founder of Oyorooms) and Kunal Shah of Freecharge. They talk about how they succeeded by their startup and became a billionaire in their young age. This show serves the reality of these successful people.


1) Pitchers

It is also a production of  TVF and is a successful series after their previously successful TVF Roommates. TVF Pitchers is inspiring series which shows how a a normal man with ordinary jobs who graduated from a simple engineering college and guys who have mainstream MBA degrees. They show how people have very good ideas and which can be life changing. It shows how much of hard work and braveness you need to follow your heart and do what you want to do. The first season is mainly focused on gathering the team members and to step up in front of everyone to do what your heart tells you. Pitchers show how much your dedication to solve real life problems can actually show you the path of life.

TVF Pitchers EP04
TVF Pitchers EP04

If you have an idea and you are afraid to go for it then understand one thing. There is more chance that you will succeed by trying and absolutely no chance if you don’t even try.

Many young entrepreneurs earn more than any ordinary man with an ordinary job will earn in his whole life. Be different and at least try.



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