Top 5 Best Online Payment service providers in Nepal

Best Online Payment service providers in Nepal

Nepal is on the path to cashless economy. Many countries are moving to cashless payment options. Nepal is also trying to make transactions digital. The main benefit of digital transaction are tractability and accountability. People are using many digital online payment services these days. We have tested few top service providers and here is the list of few top best online payment service providers in Nepal. They can also be called best online digital wallets in Nepal.

Use of debit, credit card in shopping malls, departmental stores is common example of cashless transaction. Payment system is maturing and now digital e-wallets and other online systems have grown substantially. It includes transactions done through internet. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay are globally popular services but Nepal has some of its own domestic solutions

Importance of Online Payment Systems and Digital Wallets: Almost every bank in Nepal have their own banking app and e-service portal. But in reality people have many bank accounts. Their apps also don’t have all the services and features. Money transfer and payment is also limited. So digital wallets and mobile wallets help in that case. The most important thing is that all these online transactions can be traced. Carrying less cash is also one less hassle. Payments are secure in these kind of payments as it needs multiple level of authentication.

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All the activity including money happens through banks and these wallets so everything is traced and can be accounted. It also helps in growing cashless economy. Less cash in the system circulation is goal of many countries and Nepal as well. The small difference between mobile wallet is that these services are mainly mobile phone based with their app. Samsung Pay is one good example of mobile wallet.

Best Online Payment Services and Digital Wallet

We have some criteria to select the best service provider. Our test was long and we tested Android mobile version app, desktop site and mobile version of website. First indicator was SSL certificate in the site and login portal. We checked many sites and some were not opening while we wont to the domain, some sites didn’t have HTTPS URL or SSL certificate. Then we measured the amount of banks they support. Next was their age, popularity and public rating. We also analyzed the services they have, customer support, failure and pass rates of transaction. Ease of use, UI, complexity, responsiveness and a lot of factors were taken as criteria. So these are some of the best digital wallets or online payment service providers in Nepal.


1) eSewa

This is one of Nepal’s first digital Wallet service provider. They also got license for Payment Gateway from Nepal Rastra Bank. eSewa has support for more than 25 major banks in Nepal. They have a huge array of payment options and service. In our review, they get the top spot because of many reasons. eSewa has support for more banks and provides many payment options. They have broad user base and are very popular as well.

Website of eSewa is very simple to use and everything is laid out pretty good. The app is also great with PIN and fingerprint integration. One issue we found is that users can’t access site with their mobile. In mobile users have to use the app for using service. eSewa offers support to many college, institutions, movie booking and bus booking. Western Union payment withdraw feature is one of the most unique feature we like.

Mobile top up, recharge cards, internet bill, TV bills, NEA and Water bills are all easily payable. There is huge support for insurance, EMI and credit card bill payment. They have cashback option and reward points system which a good plus side. Bank withdrawal is also available which is great feature to transfer money back to account.


2) Khalti

Khalti is a platform owned by Janaki Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The website of Khalti checks all our boxes because the site also runs in mobile or mobile version. It is not forcing to use app all the time which is great. The app is also very good after recent redesign as it is more easier to use. We like the fact that the app also works without internet for things such as loading money from mobile banking app of supporting banks.

Loading money is also available from selected bank counters such as NIBL and MBL. There is support for 18 Banks from e-Banking. Loading from Mobile banking is also available  from 20 banks. There is also loading available through SCT, Visa, American Express and Master Card. Khalti also supports loading from International cards. So users with USD card from foreign country can also load money into the wallet.

We love the support of Connect IPS and bank withdrawal. While comparing, we found Khalti has partnership with more flight companies which is great for customers because it gives more options. Payment for Tootle and OYO Rooms is also available which is another great thing to have. Payment for Foodmandu is one good unique feature because there was only COD in past. There is cashback offer and loyalty rewards for the users. All payments work well and the payments are reflected very soon. We have called customer support and they are responsive and supportive.

3) iPay

iPay is one of the oldest payment service provider of Nepal. They support 14 banks at the time of writing this article. Users can pay for mobile recharge, internet bill, TV, Movie tickets, flights and free travel tickets as well. We have used their service for a long time and all our payments have been successful all the time. iPay has good number of merchant support as well.


They have Bus booking and flight booking service available as well. We always like travel booking and payment service in the wallets. iPay does offer cashback on payments. Almost all platforms provide cashback and they are different according to service and occasional schemes. Their customer support is very good and they do he. They pick up the call easily and answer all queries.

It was leading in our list but some things needs major updates. The website UI is also very old and not responsive for mobile. The mobile app hasn’t been updated and uses very ancient UI. They have good reputation but they do need to make few radical changes. We will be updating this review as they change in future.

4) IME Pay

IME Pay is owned by IME Group of Nepal. They are one of the biggest business house in Nepal who also operate Global IME Bank. This is one of those company who have huge background in financial services. IME Pay is a true Mobile wallet because it is totally mobile based. There is no website version of their platforms so App is the only way to go on smartphones.

The wallet has loading feature available from local agents. Loading money is available through e Banking, cards and Connect IPS. There is also support for IME Remit which is anther unique thing. We like that fact that companies integrate their own specialty into services They also have a good range of payment option for mobile recharge, top ups and other bill payments.


5) QPay

QPay is a mobile wallet service in Nepal by QPay Pvt. Ltd. They only have mobile app and no website platform for payment services. QPay app is simple and it has options to pay for regular Internet, telephone, TV, Water and Electricity bills. It also supports flight booking with limited number of companies. There are quite a number of restaurants available for booking which is pretty special.

Loading fund is available through E-banking, mobile banking, cards and merchant top up. SCT Card, UnionPay, Visa and Master Cards are also supported for loading money to wallet. Top up and payments are easier using QR codes system of this app. Bank Withdraw and merchant withdraw are available through QPay app. There is chat feature where users can chat with people. It also shows people who use QPay in the users contact list.

Verdict and Reasons

In the current scenario eSewa is leading the market with their huge partnership with banks and merchants. Their service is great and the user size is also comparatively large. They still have a lot to do and lot more banks to add in their system. It would be great if all providers have their website system available for both desktop and mobile. App is great and it is future but website base service is very important.

Khalti sits in second place in this market. They have done a lot of good things and we admire their improvement in app and service addition. They also need to add more banks and more services. Overall Khalti is great digital wallet and they get special points for having good app and website that opens in both desktop and mobile.


iPay is an old service provider. They have app and website so they sit in third place. They do need serious website and mobile app overhaul to improve. IME Pay is very promising and we see a lot of potential in them. They are backed up by their history and strong financial background. QPay also shows great promise with their application. It is a bit slow and we believe they can fix it with some software update. None of them is perfect and all the above listed service providers need to increase their partnership with banks and merchants. However we are very positive that all these companies will grow better and provide us better service in future.

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  1. By the way, has come a long way in this short duration of one year. Currently, it supports Mega Bank, Everest Bank, NMB, Machhapuchhre, NIC Asia, Sunrise Bank, and many Banks are being added soon. Also, Khalti has partnered with OYO Rooms to facilitate hotel booking in Nepal.

    If possible, let’s update the article with QPay and IME pay too.

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