EV SSL Certificates list
EV SSL Certificates list

SSL certificates are getting important as world is moving to HTTPS. We also got a SSL certificate to keep with the rules and technology. SSL Certificates are very important for organization and sites that have login pages and take user information. They are a must have on page with payment option to ensure the user information is safe. These certificates are advanced and more trusted certificates for reputed sites to get high authority. We have made a list of best top 10 Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates right now.

These days users can free certificates from Lets Encrypt as well. They are also SSL certificate but Extended Validation SSL are very different. A site that uses EV SSL shows greed pad lock and bar with organization name. Other certificates don’t offer that. It ensures that the site is a legitimate site.

HTTPS requires SSL certificates, so the users confidence also increases and sites get higher conversion. Google has already told that going secure is a ranking signal. As the extra validation certificate also validates organization to provide authentication and legitimacy. Site users can securely pay for stuff, give their information and website owners can also be stress free.

There are lots of benefits of having a SSL certificate and even more on EV SSL. One thing ko understand is that, EV are not meant for small sites. The process of getting these certificates is very hard as well. Some criteria can be challenging like organization needs to legally registered and operating. There providers can also provide insurance or warranty or millions of dollars as well.

These great features make Extended Validated a must have. Banks, shopping sites, online economic transaction sites should definitely use it. We have listed some of the certificate providers to help you guys. The list is in ascending order of the price.

Product Price
1 Comodo EV SSL Certificate $78.97/Year
2 GoDaddy EV SSL $99.99/Year
3 GeoTrust EV SSL $112.50/Year
4 Thawte Web Server EV SSL $117/Year
5 Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL $168.75/Year
6 PREMIUM EV SSL $233.10/Year
7 DigiCert EV SSL $234/Year
8 GlobalSign ExtendedSSL $375/Year
9 Symantec Secure Site w/ EV $550/Year
10 Symantec Secure Site Pro EV $799.20/Year

These are some of the best providers. You can buy from them by clicking on the list above. Having a secure site is important for most business and service providers. If you haven’t moved to HTTPS then we suggest you to move soon.

Most of banks, big organizations, retailers use extended validation for authority, security and insurance.We found that the service, features, support increased as the price went up. It is not necessary that most expensive one is the best. Assess you needs and learn about the features and support the issuers provide. High insurance, regular support is most important issues.