5 Top Blogspot SEO Tips for Improving Blogger Sites

Top Blogspot SEO Tips and Advice

Blogger is a free blogging platform from Google. Most people know it as Blogspot as well. It is because the sites are given .blogspot.com subdomain. We also started our journey the same way in this industry on deltadigit.blogspot.com. It is free, simple and very popular. Blogspot is not the most versatile platform for publishing but it is pretty great. Many people use it and everyone wants to do the best SEO and gain organic traffic. So we have listed 5 top Blogspot SEO tips and tricks using our experience.

Many people choose Google’s Blogspot or WordPress to explore the world of blogging. They are easy and provide a good opportunity to learn. Many people already have a google account so signing up is also very easy. In our list of best free hosting sites and service, we have kept blogger at top. Users can simply point their domain to the Blogspot site and use it as other normal domain. Blogger acts as CMS for the website There are many reasons for that. Most important is that it is free and it has about 100% uptime.

If you have a domain name or TLD like .com you can point them going to settings and clicking on “Setup a 3rd arty URL” in blogger dashboard. It is good for people who want to save money and get good experience. The interface or system has quite a good collection of features and controls. Even with these limited resources, we can do some work and improve the SEO aspect of the blog. Earning from such blog is also possible using AdSense and other online content monetization services.¬†This practice is good for learners and bloggers who want to publish and maintain the site at least to no cost.

1) Site Template and Design

The first thing is always the design which creates an impression on the user. It is because search engines want to rank websites which are helpful to users. Those websites need to have good navigation mainly. Page speed is another important aspect of ranking. There are many factors rank good. It is very important to choose a fast, responsive, fluid design theme with better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) options. They should include meta tags and keywords which help search engine get much information. Small themes help to make pages load faster.

Installing a template is very easy in Blogspot dashboard. You can simply search in Google and get many free and paid themes. Free themes also have a very good amount of options but they have backlink to the developer which many people don’t like. Premium themes give a great set of features and future support.

In order to install a template or theme just download the HTML file and upload it in the “Theme” section. Make necessary changes in the layout part as well. Do check page speed using Google’s Page Speed test tool. We also recommend using good sidebar items and other gadgets to make the user experience better.


2) Navigation and URL Structure

Create everything in clean and neat form. Make good menus so that users can go to the desired places. When people can easily see your great content, they tend to go there. In blogger, the menus can be created simply by giving specific categories to the articles. In order to have good navigation, URL structure is also important. It helps people and search engines such as Google to understand them better. If the articles or post has permalink with words that match content, title tag, and content it is better.

If the URL address has random numbers and letters with no structure, it is bad for everyone. When writing the article and before posting, go to “Custom Permalink” instead of “Automatic Permalink”. Try to put keywords in the permalink URL address. This is a much better practice and it is recommended on all platforms.

Interlinking articles and posts are also very important. Link the related articles in your blog to give your readers a good experience. Users can read related posts and this also increases the CTR. It can also help to decrease the bounce rate on the website.

3) Basic Information, and Settings

It is very important to put basic information on settings. Fill out all the information such as the name of blog, title, description. You may need to set these things in the template HTML code also. You should also set them in the description under search preference at Meta tags of settings. Inside settings, there is a place for Title, Description under sub-section “Basic”.


Meta Tags description, custom redirects, and robot settings are available in Search Preferences. Good settings in this place can change things positively. Make sure you have a healthy robots.txt file. There are lots of things we can do in the robots section. The custom robots header tags are also important in a blog. Enable it to select some important features.

Generally, when Google crawls the website it indexes many pages. Many pages will be indexed on the search result which isn’t required to us like, search results, archive, menu, etc. These may help users in navigation while browsing the site. However, there of no use in search engines listing and index. We can remove it to make the index clean. All we want is the indexing of all articles and good organic traffic.

Custom Robots Header Tag settings in Blogspot
Custom Robots Header Tag settings in Blogspot

Follow the above image option in order to get good results.

4) Post Title, Keywords and Meta Tags

All of the top Blogspot SEO tips are incomplete without good post title, keyword and meta tags advice. These help the search engine get a good idea about the content. When the algorithm gets an idea of the content, it is ranked better. When writing posts, do good research on the topic and find keywords. Target them and try to make the best post title that matches content and has the target keywords.


In the article, always be careful about keyword density. Do not overoptimize or cram the words as it can turn to cannibalization. Write the posts in a way such that the keywords and content feel seamless and natural. Optimize the image with smaller image sizes and always give good Alt Tag. All CMS platforms focus on image alt tags, therefore do focus on it. Meta Tags and Title Tags are also very important for the ranking of an article. There are many special SEO plugins for bloggers in other platforms but not in Blogspot. Many things are based on a template and manual codes.

5) Analytics, Webmasters and SEO Tools

It is very important to look after your data. Google provides important data in the “Stats” section. It shows data for posts, daily traffic, post views, location, and sources. Connect to Google Webmasters and Analytics to more data. All this information helps you to know your audience and their preference. You can write better articles for your readers when you know what they like the most. These also give you an idea about search queries and keywords. Take ideas from them and implement them to improve your content.

Install the Google Analytics code on your site and keep updated with it. Analyze traffic regularly. See how the people are browsing the site. Filter the most engaging content and searched words. Write more about them and you can gain good traffic. If you want to invest and improve more use SEO tools from other third party service providers to know the gap and improvement parts.

Make your website easily navigable and post regularly with relevant content. The posts must be simple and easily digestible. Don’t use flash files to make your site look ugly and slow. The web is a dynamic place and it keeps on changing. The search algorithms also change regularly so try to keep up with them. If you have anything on this topic, do share with us and help others.


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