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If you are opening a website and have less idea on the hosting and everything regarding management, CMS then we suggest you to get Blogger. Blogger is free blogging platform from Google. It provides free blogs with subdomain for example you can take our site We started our basic publishing from blogger and it hasn’t been much since we changed our platform. It is guide to make your blog successful and search engine friendly.

Before feeding you all the things lets show you why Blogger is the best platform for startup and small scale bloggers:

  1. It is maintained by Google so higher security
  2. The up-time is 100%
  3. Easy listing in Google and blogger list.
  4. Sitemap creation is automatic
  5. Easy management of content and settings
  6. Basic SEO Practice
  7. More than 10 GB of storage
  8. Unlimited Bandwidth

If you have a domain name or TLD like .com you can point them to blogger by going to Blogger settings and clicking on “Setup a 3rd arty URL”. You also need to manage it from the domain control panel. After having everything and before posting any content you must be prepared for everything.

Theme/Template: First thing is always the design which creates the impression on user. Choose a fast, responsive, fluid design theme with better SEO option. They include meta tags and keywords which help search engine get much information about type of your site. Keep in mind that your size are small but efficient and complete. You can test that at Google’s Page Speed test tool.


Navigation: Create everything in clean and neat form. Make good menus so that users can go to desired places and see your content. In blogger the menus can be created simply by giving specific categories to the articles. It means when designing the theme if you have Gadgets in the setup, All the content under Gadgets can bee seen under a menu if you design one.

Basic Information: Don’t forget to put basic information on settings on blog like title, description. You may need to set these things in the template HTML code also. You should also set them in description under search preference at Meta tags of blogger settings.

Robots: Make sure you have healthy robots.txt and now lets see about custom robots header tags. Enable it and we will select the important options. Many pages will be indexed on the search result which isn’t required to us like, search pages, archive pages, menu pages, pages ordered according to date. These may help users in navigation while browsing the site but is not a good SEO practice.

Custom robots header Tag
Custom robots header Tag

Follow the above image option and you will save a lot of trouble.

Analytics: Install the Google Analytics code on your site and keep updated with it. Analyze the traffic. See how the people are browsing the site and filter the most engaging content and keywords. Write more on them and you can gain good traffic.

For image don’t forget to use all text, description and caption.Don’t use many ads or flash files to make your site look ugly and slow. Web is dynamic place and it keeps on changing, the search algorithms also change. If you have anything on this topic. Post below on the comments and we will be happy to publish it.

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