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B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences has published the entrance exam result of 2015. The first list is of successful candidates for MBBS and BDS. The college is opening the first sessions of first counseling on 10th August 2015 at 9:30 A.M. College requests the candidates to be present at the time of counseling. BPKIHS entrance exam result for 2015 has two lists in the first stage for just two faculties.

The 2015 BPKIHS’s entrance exam was held a few months back. Now there are two lists in the first phase. One of for the MBBS candidates and next os for BDS candidates. The list of first 22 students of the general quota has been published in the first stage. In our list, we just have top students. The whole or full list is available at the college’s website.

MBBS First List

Medicine has a huge charm in Nepal and MBBS is the leading subject. It is one of the most reputed and most expensive subjects to study all around the world. The institute has published the list of toppers of this 2015 session. Here we just have the top 22 students. Top marks is 167 for 1st position while marks obtained by 22nd student is 154. The marks of the 10th topper is 157 and of the fifteenth is 156. This shows the level of competition to study medicine.

MBBS General 1st List 2015 Entrance or BP Dharan
MBBS General 1st List 2015 Entrance or BP Dharan

All successful candidates should now prepare for counseling. The college is asking the students to be punctual. They should now ready the documents and transcripts. In case someone misses counseling, the seat goes to the next successful candidate. Paying seats are also available. In all colleges, admission is done by merit. Top meritious students get scholarship and fee waivers. Passing and getting good rank is compulsory for everyone who wants to study. Paying seats also require passing and good marks.

BDS Entrance Toppers List

Here we have the list of successful candidates of BDS faculty. This is also a very popular subject. The toppers’ marks are 167 just like MBBS. The marks of the 10th topper is 147 which is 20 marks less. There is very tough competition in the medical entrance exam in Nepal. IOM, KU, BPKIHS, and MOE always see a huge number of applicants for less number of seats.

Dharan BDS 2015 Entrance first list
Dharan BDS 2015 Entrance first list

The first counseling for full fee scheme starts on 11th August 2015 at 9:30. Second counseling starts on 23rd August 2015. The second round counseling is only in case if there are vacant seats. There are few seats for BDS and there is very tough competition. The fees in the BP Koirala Institute is actually very high. The fee structure is highest compared to other institutes in Nepal. BDS is also very expensive subject in comparison to other technical subjects. Dentistry is a very good profession with respect and good money.


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The BPKIHS entrance exam result on our website only shows the toppers list. The full list is only available at the website of the institution. Results of other faculty are in the pipeline. Do contact them if you have any questions. Also, try to find seniors and alumni to get idea and help. Best of luck and congratulations to all the students who got in.


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