How to buy Apple iPhone 13 in Installment in Nepal: EMI Option

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Apple iPhones are very expensive outside the USA. In reality, they are premium smartphones, and the company charges a lot. On top of that, due to taxes and other costs, the Apple iPhones Price in Nepal is extremely high. However, people still want luxurious and the latest high-end smartphones. They are ready to pay the cost to get the best of the best. This is why Nepal’s authorized distributor, Generation Next communication, and the official resellers offer an option to buy the latest iPhone 13 series phones in installment. By the way, you can also buy older iPhones in EMI as well.

Some people might have cash every time, while some people may not always have big cash, but they may be able to pay in EMI. For example, an office employee is not able to pay a huge sum of money on hand. But he or she is able to pay the sum in a few months. This is where the EMI option is useful for customers. Therefore, Generation Next (Genxt), EvoStore, and Oliz Store are providing EMI on iPhone, iPad, and Macbook purchases. Other companies like Samsung also provide EMI options to customers.

How to buy iPhone in Installment: EMI Procedure Details

In the new Apple iPhone 13 series, there are four models. The first one is the normal iPhone 13, then comes the iPhone 13 Pro at the same size. The biggest one is Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the smallest one is the iPhone 13 Mini. Well, these phones are very expensive because the starting price of the iPhone 13 Mini 128 GB is Rs 1,20,900, and the price of iPhone 13 Pro Max 1 TB is Rs 2,74,990. The top-level phone is super expensive but the starting phone is also very costly.


This is why Apple retailers in Nepal provide EMI to customers. This monthly installment service is being provided by the partnership of retailers, distributors, and banks. It can push the sales of Apple smartphones in Nepal by a good amount because most people usually buy from abroad like the USA because the price is reasonable there.

In order to purchase the latest Apple iPhone 13 series smartphones in installment or EMI, you first need to go to the official stores. Some retail stores are EvoStore, OlizStore, Future World, Future Tech Trade, and MobileIron. In these stores, you need to ask for a quotation for the model you want to purchase. After that, take the quotation to the bank and fulfill the required paperwork and duty. After everything is completed, the bank issues a purchase order, and you can buy the phone. There are some interest rates of partner banks, and there is a minimum EMI amount as well. Let us talk in detail about the EMI option from different retailers.

EvoStore EMI Option for iPhone, iPad, Mac

EvoStore is Apple’s authorized reseller and service provider in Nepal. They sell multiple products and also provide EMI options for their customers. People can buy Apple iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and iMacs in installments. There are some requirements for this service actually. The main requirement is having a credit card from a partner bank. This includes Nabil Bank, Global IME, Siddhartha Bank, NIC Asia Bank, Himalayan Bank, Mega Bank, NMB Bank, Kumari Bank, Century Bank, Machhapuchhre Bank, NIBL, Citizens Bank Limited, Sunrise Bank, and Sanima Bank. Customers from Laxmi Bank don’t need a credit card, while all others need it. This is one exception from EvoStore.

There are different payment periods, and it is different according to the product. For example, the finance period for iPhone and iPad is 12 months. Similarly, it is 18-24 months for iMac and MacBook. The interest depends on banks, and it is between 10-12%. According to the website of the store, a down payment is not mandatory. The process of getting an iPhone 12 and other products in EMI is as follows.

  1. Go to the store and choose the product you need.
  2. Decide the down payment amount and finance period.
  3. Fill in the required information, card details, and bank’s EMI form.
  4. Submit to the bank and wait for the approval.
  5. Wait for the bank’s approval and delivery note.
  6. After approval and after the bank sends a delivery note to the reseller, the product will be delivered to you.

Oliz Store EMI Details and Process

The procedure to get Apple products and other gadgets at installment from Oliz Store is similar to getting from EvoStore. The above-given steps are the same, and you can follow this in Oliz as well. All applicants need to have a credit card from a selected partner bank. Then customers need to request a quotation from OlizStore. Then the quotation needs to be submitted to the bank’s credit card department for approval. After approval, the bank gives a delivery order (DO). Take the DO to the store and get the product you want. Below we have listed the partner banks with interest rates.

Himalayan Bank12%
Bank of Kathmandu10%
Mega Bank10%
Global IME Bank10%
Nabil Bank12%
Siddhartha Bank12%
Machhapuchchhre Bank10% / 12%
Sunrise Bank8%

The minimum EMI amount is Rs 20,000 which means this is the minimum amount you should pay each month. Oliz also provides a payment duration similar to EvoStore. People should pay the installments of MacBook in 18 months maximum. Similarly, customers should pay iPhone installments in 12 months maximum.

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EMI for Other Products

Both EvoStore and OlizStore also provide EMI on other products. This means you can buy older models of Apple iPhone in installment as well. You can go to the website and check the products, interest rate, downpayment, and all details from the EMI calculator section. The installation amount differs with interest, down payment, and time period. In the OlizStore site, we can find EMI options for JBL speakers, Apple iPhones, iPads, MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, OnePlus smartphones, and Lacie Hard Disk.


Likewise, on the EvoStore, we can find installment options on iPhones, iMac, iPad, MacBook, iMac, AirPods, Apple TV, and Apple accessories. There is also an EMI service for products from Huxton, JCPal, Momax, Verbatim, Optom, Vivitek, Yeelight, and WB. They are also giving EMI service for Bose and JBL audio accessories.

You can buy products in installation but always buy genuine ones. Generation Next always advises checking for the hologram in the products. Customers should check the hologram before purchasing their Apple products and laptops from other companies to confirm that it is genuine. Generation Next website also has the service to check the IMEI number of smartphones and laptops’ service tag. We also recommend to always check for device authenticity during purchase. It is better to check on the website and then only purchase.

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