Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro
Apple iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

Apple iPhones are very expensive outside the USA. In reality, they are premium smartphones. On top of that, due to taxes and other costs, the price of iPhones in Nepal is very high. However, people want luxurious and the latest high-end smartphones. They are ready to pay the cost to get the best of the best. This is why Nepal’s authorized distributor Generation Next communication is offering an option to buy latest iPhone 11 series in installment.

Some people might have cash every time while some people may not have big cash but they may be able to pay in EMI. For example, an office employee is not able to a huge sum of money on hand. But he or she is able to pay the sum in a few months. Other companies like Samsung also provide such an EMI option to customers. They are mainly for high-end flagship and expensive mid-range phones. Similarly Generation Next (GeNxt) is providing such EMI service for phones above Rs 1,00,000.

In the new iPhone 11 series, there are three models. The first one is the normal iPhone 11 then comes the Pro and finally, we have Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. We all know that they are very expensive because the starting of the normal iPhone 11 is Rs 1,15,000 and the price of Pro Max is Rs 2,34,000. This new service is being provided by the partnership of retailers, distributors, and banks. It might push the sales of Apple smartphones in Nepal by a good amount. Most people usually buy from abroad like the USA because the price is reasonable there.

How to buy iPhone in Installment: Procedure Details

In order to purchase the latest Apple iPhone 11 series smartphones in installment, you first need to go to the official stores. Some retail stores are EvoStore, OlizStore, Future World, Future Tech Trade and Mobiletron. In these stores, you need to ask for a quotation for the model you want to purchase. After that take the quotation to the bank and fulfill the required paperwork and duty. After everything is completed, bank issues purchase order and you can buy the phone. Customers can take the new iPhone 11 to their home at Rs 8700 per month.

There are some things customers need to take care of first. Currently, the partnership is with only selected banks. They are NIBL, Nabil Bank, Himalayan Bank, Global IME, NIC Asia, Machhapuchhre Bank, Kumari and Standard Chartered Bank. After the purchase, the bank will automatically make the payment to the reseller from your account on a monthly basis. Most of the time companies ask for a credit card for EMI options. This is to have the security of payment.

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Schemes and offers

Currently, with this EMI service, the distributor is also offering a free Belkin 10W wireless charger. They also have a scratch card offer. Customers can win scooter, laptop, pen, glass set, mug, frame and crockery set. These are only valid till the stocks last. Among all of these, our favorite is the wireless charger. The new Apple iPhones do come with a better charger but wireless charging is delightful and amazing. It is not the fastest but it looks good and it is convenient in the home.

The company always advises checking for the hologram in the products. Customers should see for the hologram in their Apple products, laptops from other companies and confirm that it is genuine. Generation Next website also has the service to check the IMEI number of smartphones and the service tag of laptops. We also recommend to always check for device authenticity during purchase. It is better to check on the website and then only purchase.


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