How to Buy Vivo Mobiles in EMI in Nepal: Detailed Process

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Companies know that you want to buy good smartphones. But most of the time good mobile phones are expensive. For those people, Vivo is offering a way to purchase smartphones in installments. Users can now buy Vivo mobiles in EMI in Nepal. This is possible by the partnership of Vivo and a few banks. There are certain requirements to be eligible for installment or EMI option. This scheme is good for people who want to buy Vivo mobiles that cost more than Rs 15,000. It means it is applicable for almost all phones in the market. Customers can purchase budget level, mid-range, and even flagship models from Vivo Nepal.

Budget range devices are built for fulfilling basic purpose and they work well for daily use. Mid-range products are made for more power and features. Finally, flagship phones are made for the absolute top quality build, design, performance, hardware, and features. In the market, mid range phones are reasonably priced. But flagship phones are priced at the premium range. Many people want to purchase these powerful gadgets but most of the time budget is an issue. Some people may have money but may not want to pay a lump sum at once. Whatever the reason is, it is a very good service from the company.

Vivo has a lot of smartphones in the market. They cater to all types of demand and budget. The company launches new phones frequently with new and updated features. Vivo does good investment in R&D and have a lot of good phones. They launch selected models in Nepali market.


How to Buy Vivo Mobiles in EMI: 0% Interest

Vivo Nepal is now providing EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) option to Nepali customers to purchase smartphones. This scheme is made possible by a partnership between the company and a few banks. In this scheme, users can buy any Vivo smartphone that costs more than Rs 15,000. Vivo has partnered with Sunrise Bank, Machhapuchre Bank, and Global IME Bank for this scheme. At first, customers need to have a credit card from these banks. Debit card users are not eligible for this. Both Visa or Master Card are eligible as long as they are credit cards.

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In this scheme, customers can buy Vivo mobiles in EMI at a 0% interest rate. It means there is no extra charge or interest and you can pay the sum in installments. The process of purchasing a phone in EMI takes a few steps. Customers first need to choose a model. Then they need to apply to the bank. And finally, when the process is finished, the purchase order is sent. It is not as simple as just going to shop and showing credit card. However, it is not that extensive also. The credit application and approval does take some time.

Steps to Apply for EMI and Purchasing

  1. Choose a model you want from Vivo’s portfolio.
  2. Visit the nearest branch of the banks listed above or contact distributors (Apex Manokamana and Cellucity).
  3. Apply for credit and EMI with all necessary details.
  4. The bank will do the necessary verification and check eligibility for the installment option.
  5. When the process is completed, the bank will give a purchase order.
  6. Vivo will provide the demanded handset after receiving the purchase order.
  7. If you don’t have credit card, you need to apply for it first.

This way users can purchase Vivo smartphones in installment. The monthly installment amount is decided by the bank. It depends on the cost of the smartphone and the time to repay. A flagship phone will need you to pay more each month while a cheaper phone will cost you less per month.


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How is the installment scheme helpful?

There are many people who want to purchase an expensive smartphone. Moreover, it is quality what people want and not expensive. But good phones are expensive. There are many salaried people who can’t just pay a lump sum at once. But in a few months, they can pay. Some may have money but may not want to pay all at once due to many reasons. This is where EMI is helpful.

A salaried person can purchase the desired smartphone in installment and clear the credit in a few months. This way there is not much financial load on the customer. A businessman can also do the same and enjoy a good device. We have heard from many people and they do ask for EMI service because the normal middle-class person doesn’t always have the cash to spend. But they certainly can save in a short period and afford it.

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Many people might compare it with a loan but it is a bit different. This scheme from Vivo is better because there is no interest. If we pay using a credit card, the bank charges interest. If we take a small load, then also we are charged. But in the case of this scheme, there is 0% interest. Therefore it is beneficial to the users. We hope that the company partners with more banks and make it more available for other people in the future.

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