Cataract Explained
Cataract Explained

Cataract is a huge problem in many people specially at old age. I live near Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, Kathmandu and I have seen too many cases. I regularly go there to help our relatives to get their eye checked. I have seen many Cataract cases, actually most of the cases are either Cataract(Motiabindu in Nepali) or Glaucoma(Jalbindu in Nepali).

I have even seen a 9 months old with Cataract in both eyes. I was curious so I followed his case. One of the doctor told for surgery but the senior doctor said it was a special case and there is no guarantee that it will come again. Now for these types of cases or lets say ever case of Cataract it would be blessing to get eye drops instead of surgery. Well the surgery is not painful or expensive and sometime TIO also conducts free surgery camp. Any way anything is better than having a surgery.

A research and experiment was done in University of California by Professor Kang Zhang. They tested rabbit’s lens with eye drops made with Lanosterol. This molecule helps to prevent clouding in eye.┬áThe experiment was conducted with dogs with cataract and it showed progress.

The main problem is that it was not permanent. The clouding began some time after leaving medication. It can’t replace surgery totally. They believe its use can help patient in early stage and they are still working to make drug with multi dimension and permanent effect.


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