Homemade Arc Welder- Stick Welder

Homemade Arc Welder- Stick Welder

Since I was a small boy I had a knack of technology and science. When I saw people welding metal and fusing them together using a thin rod and a fierce...

Arc Welding guide for home welders

I just made my homemade stick welder using microwave oven transformers (MOT). They work great for me. I have been practicing welding for some time and I want to share some...

UPS Mode Vs Inverter Mode in Inverters

I have a 800 VA Inverter in my house running on 150 AH battery because in Nepal we face up to 16 Hrs of daily power cut. The blackout is pretty...
Transmitter Schematics

AM Voice transmitter to save your life

We all live in a world obsessed with technology. Teenagers mostly indulge in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. To be honest I also do use them. The basic lifeline...

Unbricking Allwinner Tablet and Phone

Its really sad when your device is fried. Mostly it occurs due to our experiment on new firmwares and other tools. There is less chance for bricking of device naturally. I...
Stand Copper

Homemade Tablet, iPad, iPod, Mobile Stand

Hey guys this is my new and perfectly neat idea to make a homemade tablet stand which works for smartphones and iPad as well. I needed a tablet stand to hold my tablet...
Transformer from Oven(Untouched Secondary)

Homemade Spot Welder-Metal Melter

Spot welding is both fun and fruitful. This handy device can be used to weld thin sheets of metal. This device is a simple transformer that produces very high current with low voltage.My device consists...

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