How to install Lets’ Encrypt on Namecheap shared hosting

Lets Encrypt SSL on Namecheap shared hosting WordPress

Delta Digit now serves all its content on HTTPS. This means we use SSL certificate and all user information are safe because no one can spy or intercept your data. It is going to be essential to have HTTPS for websites in future. We now use Namecheap’s value shared hosting package. We were told that we can’t install Let’s Encrypt SSL on Namecheap or other shared hosting but we did and here is our tutorial. Continue reading “How to install Lets’ Encrypt on Namecheap shared hosting”

Fix broken Android drivers

Android Drivers

Few months ago I bricked my Tablet while I was using new CWM recovery to get new custom ROM, I didn’t know much then but then my tablet got stuck in boot loop and it was bricked. I tried every show in Kathmandu, New Road but no one could fix it. After 1 week deep search on internet I found the manufacturers site and downloaded and re-flashed the firmware. You can read here how I unbricked Allwinner tablet AD701. Everything worked but the WiFi didn’t work and it didn’t start. The WiFi button would just get to on and show “Turning On” and then again get off so the WiFi was broken. I have seen many people with same problem, some with G-sensors and some with camera problem. Continue reading “Fix broken Android drivers”

Arc Welding Requirements

New Arc welder

Welding metals is a process requiring huge amount of power and a good apparatus or welding equipment. Welding requires a power supply with good voltage and current for welding. The voltage helps to create and maintain arc, current is required to create heat and melt the metal i.e both base metal and electrode or filler metal. I have been taking online welding classes and doing research on welding forums. This is a new interesting article on the things that should be checked for better welding, Continue reading “Arc Welding Requirements”

Homemade Arc Welder- Stick Welder

Homemade Arc Welder- Stick Welder

Since I was a small boy I had a knack of technology and science. When I saw people welding metal and fusing them together using a thin rod and a fierce bright light I was fascinated by it. By the time I was in 8th grade I wanted to build one but economy was a big barrier and in 10th grade finding the materials was a big challenge then in 12th grade my result and degree was another thing. Even in those times I managed to gather money and things I needed. Finally I managed to pull everything and make a successful welder. This is my guide for all the guys who are trying to make a arc welder or stick welder. Continue reading “Homemade Arc Welder- Stick Welder”

Arc Welding guide for home welders

I just made my homemade stick welder using microwave oven transformers (MOT). They work great for me. I have been practicing welding for some time and I want to share some important information with everyone to help safe and good welding so I have written this article on arc welding to help home welders, hobby welders or any garage welders. Arc welding requires a constant arc to melt the filler rod and heat the base and joining metal to get fused. I will tell few things that are very much important and should be remembered for good and safe welding. The very first requirement is an arc welder. Read this article and learn to build one. See also arc welding requirements. Continue reading “Arc Welding guide for home welders”

UPS Mode Vs Inverter Mode in Inverters

I have a 800 VA Inverter in my house running on 150 AH battery because in Nepal we face up to 16 Hrs of daily power cut. The blackout is pretty depressing; students can’t study, factories are on loss, local entrepreneurs can’t do business and us bloggers have to wait till power comes at night so that we can charge or laptop, phones etc. Even the telephone and internet (ADSL) goes dead after certain hours because telecom company can’t even support such longer power cut. This is why most of the people use inverters in their home. Inverter is simply a power backup device that is just like a UPS which runs with bigger battery. Continue reading “UPS Mode Vs Inverter Mode in Inverters”

AM Voice transmitter to save your life

Transmitter Schematics

We all live in a world obsessed with technology. Teenagers mostly indulge in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. To be honest I also do use them. The basic lifeline of all these communication is “Internet”. Yes without this everything will die. No disaster comes with a prior notice. Imagine a situation after a natural disaster where there is no internet, mobile network, land lineor any other digital communication. Continue reading “AM Voice transmitter to save your life”

Unbricking Allwinner Tablet and Phone

Its really sad when your device is fried. Mostly it occurs due to our experiment on new firmwares and other tools. There is less chance for bricking of device naturally. I myself have bricked my mobile and Tablet many times but bricking my Allwinner Tablet LUV Pad AD701 was the worst. I will explain unbricking Allwinner devices by help of LUV Pad AD701.At first it was a Japanese tablet that I brought from Japan and there were no dealers in my country. I searched the whole internet and turned the whole forums upside down and downloaded  multiple firmwares to experiment. This post is the juice of all my hard work. Continue reading “Unbricking Allwinner Tablet and Phone”

Homemade Tablet, iPad, iPod, Mobile Stand

Stand Copper

Hey guys this is my new and perfectly neat idea to make a homemade tablet stand which works for smartphones and iPad as well. I needed a tablet stand to hold my tablet while watching movies and typing using an external keyboard. This perfectly works and looks very cool and neat. Instead of throwing money on expensive stand you can make your own using some old things.

The tablet stand is very handy and strong to support your tablet, mobile, smartphone and iPad. I tried my 7” tablet and Galaxy Y and it fitted nicely. It is made out of pure 16AWG copper wire that I bought to wind out secondary coil for homemade arc welder. I had some leftover and with little idea and imagination I bent it as in the above picture and made it. It is super easy and fun to make it. It can support the devices from both sides of bend.

The stand supports both portrait and landscape mode so that you can watch movies and do video chatting as well without having your hands get tired. The stand can also be used to record videos by adjusting the angle of stand.

I have been watching movies, reading e-books, using the tablet as computer to type by documents by connecting keyboard and mouse. This increases productivity and also takes the device versatile.


Tablet Stand
Tablet Stand

I have used copper but you can find other alternatives. If you use iron, it may rust soon so if you choose to go with Aluminium it will be very easy to bend and soft too. The frame will be light as well as strong. If you have approach to plastic and heater it can be good solution.

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