Samsung Galaxy J4 Price in Nepal

Samsung Galaxy J4 Price in Nepal, specs, special features

Samsung Galaxy J4 is the new J series phone in the family. J6 is the bigger brother while J3 and J4 are new smaller brothers. The Galaxy J4 (2018) refreshes the...
Vivo Y81 Price in Nepal

Vivo Y81 Price in Nepal, specifications, details, impression

Vivo Y81 is a mid range smartphone with very large screen and mid level specifications. The Y81 features Vivo's FullView screen with a notch at top. They are providing such big...
Latest Samsung Galaxy J Series phones 2018

Latest Samsung Galaxy J Series Smartphones details

Samsung's Galaxy J series is one of the most popular lineup. It offers phones from entry level to mid range. We can consider this as the biggest family of Samsung smartphones....
Huawei Y5, Y6 Prime 2018 Price in Nepal

Huawei Y5 Prime 2018, Y6 Prime 2018 price in Nepal

Huawei Nepal has launched the new Y5 Prime 2018 and Y6 Prime 2018. Both of these are budget range phones. We saw these phones first listed in the new market price...
Samsung Galaxy J6 Price in Nepal

Samsung Galaxy J6 Price in Nepal, specs, impressions

Samsung Galaxy J6 is 2018 mid range model of the J series. It is above Galaxy J5 and below the J7 in lineup rank. The Galaxy J6(2018) is a new member...
Latest Vivo mobiles price in Nepal

Latest Official Vivo Mobiles Price in Nepal

Vivo is the new member in Nepali smartphone market. They finally came after OnePlus and Oppo. BBK Electronics is the parent company of OnePlus, Vivo and Oppo. Within 8 years of...
Nikon, Canon DSLR price in Nepal

Latest Nikon, Canon DSLR Camera Price in Nepal

DSLR is seen as mark of a professional photographer. People know that they take really great photos. DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex is a type of camera with certain type...
Samsung Galaxy A6 Price in Nepal

Samsung Galaxy A6, A6+ Price in Nepal, specs, details, impressions

Samsung now has a very big A series from 2018. They added lots of phones in both A and J series this year. These phones are below the Galaxy A8+ and...
Huawei P20 Pro Price in Nepal, review

Huawei P20 Pro Price in Nepal, specs, specialties, impressions

Huawei shattered the DxOMark records this year by defeating top flagships of all popular manufacturers. The company launched P20 in Nepal on May 2018. After about a month Huawei Nepal introduces the...
Oppo F7 Youth Price in Nepal, review

Oppo F7 Youth Price in Nepal, specs, impressions

Oppo F7 Youth is another variant of regular F7. Oppo F7 was launched in Nepal few months ago. Both are mid range phones but the Youth is much shaved and trimmed...

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