Samsung Galaxy J Max specs, review and price in Nepal

Samsung Galaxy J Max specs, impression, price in Nepal

Samsung Nepal has launched Galaxy J Max in Nepal at Rs 21900. It is 7 inch phone which resides in tablet category. The company is shipping this device with a Bluetooth...
Analysis of Latest Samsung Tablets

Analysis of Latest Samsung Tablets of 2015: All Best Galaxy Tabs

Samsung is always launching new products every month. This is how they keep their series fresh. Many people say that Samsung always launches many devices. But the launch of these new...
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Review: Big, Powerful, Versatile

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a giant tablet with a big LCD display that supports S-Pen. This device was originally released on 2013 September. There is new 2014 Edition...
Unbricking Allwinner Tablet and Phone

Unbricking Allwinner Tablet and Phone: Android Brick Fix

It's really sad when your device is fried. Sometime a device may break due to a bad software update or other hardware issues. Mostly it occurs due to our experiment on...

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