Teclast Tbook 11 Windows plus Android Ultrabook: Gearbest Deal

Teclast Tbook 11 2 in one, Android plus Windows Ultrabook

Android and Windows both have their own pros of using. Windows is good in laptop, ultrabook for working while Android is best for entertainment and small tasks. Gearbest has a great device for everyone this time. Teclast Tbook 11 is a new two in one device. It has all the power you want in an Android and workforce of Windows 10. Its price is $165.99 right now. Continue reading “Teclast Tbook 11 Windows plus Android Ultrabook: Gearbest Deal”

Samsung Galaxy J Max specs, impression, price in Nepal

Samsung Galaxy J Max specs, review and price in Nepal

Samsung Nepal has launched Galaxy J Max in Nepal at Rs 21900. It is 7 inch phone which resides in tablet category. The company is shipping this device with a Bluetooth headset for communication and entertainment. It is obviously a big device with lots of features and options. This is our story on Samsung Galaxy J Max specs, impression, price in Nepal. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy J Max specs, impression, price in Nepal”

Analysis of Latest Samsung Tablets of 2015

Galaxy Tab 2015

Samsung is always launching new products every month. This is how they keep their series fresh. Many people say that Samsung always launches many devices and the fact is these new device replace old models  in that series of certain price range. For example in bought Core prime 6 months ago at $150 but at that price I can get Grand Prime. Just like that Samsung has introduced new Tablets in market for users. We have listed the top latest Samsung tablets of 2015 and sorted in price and power order. Continue reading “Analysis of Latest Samsung Tablets of 2015”

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1- Hands on Test

Note 10.1 Delta Digit Office

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a great tablet with 10.1 inches display that supports Stylus. This device was released on 2013 September but we got our hand on the 2014 Edition in 2015 just few days ago. One of our friend bought his from UAE thus we are conducting a review on this now. The tablet supports all network ranging from 2G to LTE so you can enjoy both fast data and WiFi. If you want to be really productive using notes, drawing, gaming, multi-tasking  and designing on the go this device may be your answer. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1- Hands on Test”

Unbricking Allwinner Tablet and Phone

Its really sad when your device is fried. Mostly it occurs due to our experiment on new firmwares and other tools. There is less chance for bricking of device naturally. I myself have bricked my mobile and Tablet many times but bricking my Allwinner Tablet LUV Pad AD701 was the worst. I will explain unbricking Allwinner devices by help of LUV Pad AD701.At first it was a Japanese tablet that I brought from Japan and there were no dealers in my country. I searched the whole internet and turned the whole forums upside down and downloaded  multiple firmwares to experiment. This post is the juice of all my hard work. Continue reading “Unbricking Allwinner Tablet and Phone”