Vivo Electronics Logo

How to Buy Vivo Mobiles in EMI in Nepal: Detailed Process

Companies know that you want to buy good smartphones. But most of the time good mobile phones are expensive. For those people, Vivo is offering a way to purchase...
Flipkart Store in Nepal

Myntra and Flipkart Store in Nepal: Partnership with Sastodeal

Sastodeal is one of the leading eCommerce websites in Nepal. They have been selling goods online and providing service for a long time. Now they have achieved a new...
nec BE Admission Notice 2015/2072

Top 5 Engineering Colleges in Nepal: Best Technical Institutes

Engineering study is one of the most sought after subjects in Nepal. Most of the science students choose Medicine and Engineering after the intermediate level. Many students want to...
International USD credit and debit cards in Nepal

International Debit and Credit Cards in Nepal: USD Cards for Online Payments

International payment is a very important part of the economy. There are many ways to make and receive cross-border payments. Normal people mostly use their bank-issued cards for this...
Daraz First Games Nepal Details

Daraz First Games: Play free online games and win shopping vouchers

Daraz Nepal has announced a new program called Daraz First Games (DFG). It is a new program where users can play free online games inside the main app...
Paypal Xoom service in Nepal

Paypal’s Xoom money transfer service in Nepal

PayPal is a popular company in the technology and online payment world. They also have another service named Xoom. It is a money transfer service. Now, the Xoom money...
Seller Sahayatri Program

Daraz Seller Sahayatri Program: Subsidy to Support Local SMEs

The offline retail market is closed due to the national and international COVID-19 lockdown. Many people are now buying essential goods online. Few eCommerce platforms are operating in...
International Payment from Nepal

International Payment from Nepal: Banking and Online Methods

It is possible to legally do international payment from Nepal. By the way, is quite hard and takes a lot of paperwork. There are different ways of doing cross-border...
Axiata Ncell Double Loan

How to Take Ncell Double Loan: Saapati process details

Ncell has lots of schemes to offer to its customers. They have different data packs, voice packs, data services, and other schemes. One of their most famous services...
IIT Engineering Entrance exam from Nepal

GATE and JEE Exam in Nepal: NIT, IIT for Foreign Students

Indian education is taken as a very good education system in Nepal and all over the world. There are many reputed institutes with good infrastructure, faculty, lab, and research...

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