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Prepaid Data Packages for NTC GSM Prepaid Users

Previously Ncell was dominating the Nepal's cellular data market with attractive schemes and prepaid data packs. Data packs are now very famous in youth and many internet users. People use them...
Facebook Feed PreferenceFacebook Feed Preference

Facebook News Feed Survey- Hard Game or Easy Pie

We read in others news and media that Facebook is testing new feature that lets people filter their Facebook news feed. We also got the survey option in our profile. At...

Space Fence- US Space Surveillance project

The space is full of satellites, space stations, litter, junk, and debris which are in very big number. These objects revolve around the earth in their own orbits. Individual satellites and...
ADSL Working Mechanism

NTC ADSL Connection & Downtime Problem Explained

Nepal Telecom has a lot of services, users and thus the problems. A lot of customers complain about the cellular network coverage, congestion and connection problem. NTC ADSL downtime problem is...
TU Institute of Medicine (IOM) MBBS Entrance Result 2071

TU Institute of Medicine (IOM) MBBS Entrance Result 2071

After successful completion of entrance exam of MBBS in IOM, the results are out. Tribuvan University (TU) held the exams on  Bhadra 14th (August 30). Each year thousand of students give...

Nepal Telecom GSM Postpaid NT Pro service details

The new Nepal Telecom's NT Pro service for GSM Post paid users has been launched. With help of NTPro application available in Google and Apple Store, the customers can enjoy calling...
Human Organ Trade in Nepal

Human Organ Trade in Nepal

Nepal is a developing country and has a very low literacy rate. It is resided by people with low income in rural areas. These people don't have enough money to provide...
NTC Recharge Online

Nepal Telecom online recharge and volume query guide

NTC or Nepal telecom is providing really bad service these days. Not mine or our saying, we saw a lot of customers complaining in NTC offices, counters and online forums, Facebook...
Online Shopping Nepal

Top 5 Online shopping websites in Nepal

Online shopping trend is increasing widely in Nepal. Many people shop online these days. With the option s like Cash on Delivery the customers can trust the service providers. People are...
Video Streaming Service Providers

Global video streaming service to eradicate piracy

This week we heard that the 4k Ultra HD copy of Breaking Bad was pirated on the torrent sites. Usually these streaming services are highly secure and hard to download but...

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