Vivo sponsoring PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019

Vivo sponsoring PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019

PUBG is a very popular battle royale game these days. Almost every youth is playing it on their phones or computer. The crazy is so high that many people buy new...
International goods shipping to Nepal

International Online Goods Shipping services to Nepal

The internet has definitely made this world close. Global economy, goods production and consumption are increasing rapidly these days. People want to buy new goods at cheap rate worldwide. Many products...
Balaju School of Engineering Notice

Balaju School of Engineering Entrance Exam 2072

Balaju School of Engineering and Technology (BSET) has announced for admission for the intake of academic year 2072/2073. This is under CTEVT (Council for Technical Education & Vocational Training).  The course...
Television Clean Feed Policy

Switching from Analog TV to Digital Television in Nepal

Nepali Television sector is going to have huge paradigm shift. The policy has been passed and is in implementation process. All the TV in Metropolitan cities are going to be Digital...
Code Like Her Fellowship

Code Like Her Fellowship 2020: Application, Opportunities

Code Rush is a Nepali software company led by girls. It is a very unique organization and it is organizing Code Like Her Fellowship 2020. This is a...
BE Admission Notice 2071 for Nepal Engineering College (nec)

BE Admission Notice 2071-Nepal Engineering College

Nepal Engineering College (nec) is the first private engineering college of Nepal. IOE entrance examinations are near. So other universities are also conducting their entrance exams. The BE Admission Notice 2071...
AI Expo Nepal 2019

AI Expo 2019 Nepal: Initiation to showcase best AI Projects

The field of Artificial Intelligence is moving forward rapidly. Nepali experts and enthusiasts are also very active in this field. Fusemachines and Artificial Intelligence for Development (AID) are organizing...
NTC Official Logo

Nepal Telecom 4G service status, details

NTC has finally got license for 4G service in Nepal. Nepal Telecommunication Authority has given green light to Nepal Telecom for operating the service commercially. Ncell is also on its way to...
NTC Official Logo

NTC ADSL 5 Mbps Speed Upgrade, test, review, future

Nepal Telecom upgraded its ADSL to 5 Mbps on February 9th. This is company's 14th Anniversary offer to people. Previously NTC was providing 1 Mbps broadband service. The service actually came...
Free Facebook in Nepal by Ncell

Facebook, Ncell brings Free Facebook program

Ncell is already providing free Twitter and Wikipedia on mobile. People are enjoying these services very much. Adding more feature, "Facebook Free" has been announced whose aim is "Internet for All"....

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