Mobile Phones Price increase in Nepali Market 2075/76 Fiscal Year

Almost all Nepali mobile phone companies have revised their price list. The revision consists mainly of increment. Samsung, Vivo, Huawei, Oppo and many other companies have sent new price list to...

Vulnerable Nepal Telecom servers hacked by Nepali Hackers

A very famous and powerful hacking group of Nepal yesterday announced that they have hacked the Nepal Telecom servers  and the database is in their control. The group named Anonymous #opnep posted...
IIT Entrance exam from Nepal

IIT Engineering Entrance exam from Nepal, Kathmandu

Indian Institute of Technology has officially opened its gates for Nepali students. This good news was announced during the Nepal visit of Pranab Mukharjee. Previously, only Indian citizen were allowed to study...
NTC Recharge Cards

Earn Money from used old Recharge Cards in Nepal

Most of us throw away the paper recharge cards after use. Many of us now use top-up method. Still most of the used recharge cards makes it way to dump. People...

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