Nepal Telecom online recharge

Nepal Telecom online recharge and volume query guide

Nepal Telecom (NTC) is facing a lot of customers complaints in their offices, counters and online forums. People are complaining in Hello Sarkar, Facebook comments, and discussion forums. Thus the Byabathapika...
Global video streaming service providers

Global video streaming service to eradicate content piracy

This week we heard that the 4K Ultra HD copy of Breaking Bad was pirated on the torrent sites. Usually, online streaming services are highly secure. It is hard to download...
Ncell App Camp 2015

Ncell App Camp 2015: Startup Funding for best mobile apps

In an interview with CEO of Freecharge of India, he said for a good business you need to have a dream and a goal. Don't make object your goal because once...
NTC Official Logo

Prepaid Data Packages for NTC GSM Prepaid Users

Previously Ncell was dominating Nepal's cellular data market with attractive schemes and prepaid data packs. Now NTC is also bringing prepaid data packages. Data packs are now very famous among youth...
NTC Official Logo

NTC ADSL Bandwidth and 4G Cellular Network Upgrade

At first, we thank Nepal Telecom for their help during the Gorkha Earthquake 2072. They provided free calls and free internet at the time of need. Now, Nepal Telecom has been...
Facebooks new tools for news feed control

Facebook’s new tools for News Feed control

Facebook is constantly developing new tools and algorithms to help users. They are now more focused on better content delivering. A few months ago they started survey for new feed control....
Apple upgrades iPod Touch 6th Gen

Apple upgrades iPod Touch 6th Generation with 64-bit processor

Apple once used to be a brand famous for iPod. There was a time when having an iPod was the coolest thing. At that time Apple was one unique company to...
Facebook News Feed Survey

Facebook News Feed Survey: Positive Improvement Steps

A few days ago we read in others media outlets that Facebook is testing a new feature that lets people filter their feed. We also got the survey option in our...
Samsung Bloggers Meet 2015

Samsung Bloggers Meet: Samsung Nepal Steps in Officially

Samsung has now officially stepped into Nepal. They are starting their new journey in the Himalayan kingdom in new ways. The first step was today's Samsung bloggers meet. It...

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