Samsung Galaxy J2 Ace Review

Samsung Nepal releases Galaxy Tab A 7.0 , Galaxy J2 4G

Galaxy J2 and Tab A 7.0 are now available in Nepal from February 2018. They are quite old devices but due to demand, Samsung Nepal launched them. Company has launched quite...
Allocacoc Products Price in Nepal

Allocacoc Products details, impressions, price in Nepal

In this world of smartphones and other gadgets, only few companies are focusing on quality products like Allocacoc is creating. Sammy Traders have been trading elegant products in Nepal from Allocacoc...
Official PayPal in Nepal

International Online Payment in Nepal, Official verified PayPal Account

It is possible to legally have PayPal account in Nepal and pay from cards issued by Nepali banks. Many people and organizations have legal verified PayPal account in Nepal. They work...
Nepal Telecommunication Authority Office

Nepal Telecommunications Authority Online IMEI Registration Program

NTA or Nepal Telecommunications Authority started IMEI number registration more than a year ago. The process was going till now via office using paper forms and email. Now NTA is providing online...
National Youth Council Nepal startup program

National Youth Council Nepal Entrepreneurship program

Nepal Government's National Youth Council is running program each year to help youths of nation. They ask for entrepreneurship business proposal each year. The current application for 2074/75 is open till...

Apple iPhones price cut possible after Slowdown debacle

Apple iPhone slow down debacle is causing the company a lot of problems. They are facing many class action lawsuits. It was revealed that Apple slows down old iPhones in future...
Smart Cell unlimited night data pack 2017 Offer

Smart Cell Unlimited Night Data Packs Offer

Smart Cell has started providing Unlimited Night Time Data packs. This is one of the first such offers in industry. All other telecom companies are providing night data packs with limit...
NTC Official Logo

Nepal Telecom Winter Offer 2074 Details

NTC has come up again with new offers this year. Nepal Telecom has brought the new "Winter Offer" for 2074. They are giving lots of offers these days. Almost all telecom...
NTC Recharge Cards

Earn Money from used old Recharge Cards in Nepal

Most of us throw away the paper recharge cards after use. Many of us now use top-up method. Still most of the used recharge cards makes it way to dump. People...
NIC Asia bank heist 2017

NIC Asia SWIFT Cyber Heist and banking security scenario

International hackers have stolen about Rs 40 crores from NIC Asia bank overnight. This was caught as the funds were not matching while checking after Laxmi Puja. It is a attack...

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