AI Expo Nepal 2019

AI Expo 2019 Nepal: Initiation to showcase best AI Projects

The field of Artificial Intelligence is moving forward rapidly. Nepali experts and enthusiasts are also very active in this field. Fusemachines and Artificial Intelligence for Development (AID) are organizing...
Television Clean Feed Policy

Television Clean Feed Policy in Nepal

Television operators have finally converted to digital terrestrial in Nepal. Now the government has decided that foreign channels should have a clean feed. This means they can't have foreign advertisements.  It...
Huawei Nepal Office Reception

Huawei Nepals explanation on the debacle: No need to panic

Huawei stepped in Nepal in 2014 and it has been serving for more than 5 years. They are very large mobile brand in Nepal. Also, they are one of...
nec BE Admission Notice 2015/2072

Top 5 Engineering Colleges in Nepal: Leading Institutes

Engineering study is one of the most sought after subject in Nepal. Most of the science students choose Medicine and Engineering after intermediate level. Many students want to study B.E. and...
Cybercrime and penalties in Nepal

Cybercrime and penalties in Nepal: Cyber Law and ET Acts

Internet is a new dimension and it is constantly evolving. There are many benefits of this technology and there are many cons as well. We all must take the benefits and...
Khalti gets Payment Service Provider License

Khalti gets Payment Service Provider License from NRB

Nepal's popular digital online wallet service provider Khalti now has got PSP license. Khalti has now received the license of Payment Service Provider (PSP) by NRB. Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) or...
Shuvayatra App reward program

Shuvayatra App reward program : Earn coupons and rewards

A lot of Nepalese people go to foreign countries for work. They go as migrant workers and they are involved in a lot of tasks. Foreign soil is different and their...
Nepal Software Meetup 2019

ICT Frame Organizing Nepal Software Meetup 2019

Nepali technology market is growing exponentially each year. IT and software sector are also taking new heights with more advancements. The IT sector is growing with new companies and developers. New...
Daraz Nepal starts selling two wheeler vehicles

Daraz Nepal starts selling two wheeler vehicles: Online Vehicle purchase!

The online market is very new to this world and for Nepal, it is more like a baby. eCommerce and online shopping are in the development phase but Daraz is taking...
PUBG Banned in Nepal

PUBG Banned in Nepal: NTA orders ISP after CIB requests

In Nepal, it is now "Winner Winner No chicken Dinner" for PUBG players. Nepal Government has now banned PUBG in Nepal. NTA (Nepal Telecommunication Authority) has ordered all ISP to block...

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