Samsung Galaxy high end phones in Nepal

Price of High End Samsung mobile phones in Nepal

Many Nepali smartphone lovers are willing to spend good amount of money to buy a good smartphone. Some end up buying iPhone and others search for the best what market has...
Most expensive High end gaming laptops in nepal

4 Best High end expensive gaming Laptops in Nepal

There are many laptops available in Nepal for all budget. Most people buy laptops in range from Rs 50,000 to Rs 80,000. This is the average budget of Nepali consumers but...
Moto 2015 Products

Price list of Motorola smartphones in Nepal

Motorola already has a very big and loyal customer base all over the world. This company was quite famous in old days when we used flip and featured phones then it again...
Coolpad mobile price in Nepal

Latest Coolpad smartphones price in Nepal

Coolpad started its journey in Nepal in beginning of 2017. They have a very good reputation in Chinese and Global market. The official partner for Nepal is Jaima Intercontinental Pvt Ltd....
Leagoo mobiles price in Nepal

Latest Leagoo mobile price in Nepal

Leagoo is a new Chinese mobile phone manufacturer in Nepal. They are slowly covering the market. We saw some of their phones at CAN InfoTech 2017 as well. These days many...
Allocacoc Products Price in Nepal

Allocacoc Products details, impressions, price in Nepal

In this world of smartphones and other gadgets, only few companies are focusing on quality products like Allocacoc is creating. Sammy Traders have been trading elegant products in Nepal from Allocacoc...
ZTE Mobiles Price in Nepal

Latest Official ZTE Mobiles Price in Nepal

ZTE is a Chinese Telecommunication giant with lots of business. They are a very big supplier of telecom hardware in Nepal. Their equipment are widely used by NTC and other companies....
Latest Samsung TV Price in Nepal

Official Latest Samsung TV Price in Nepal

Samsung has dominance over smartphone market globally. They have the same coverage in Nepal for other consumer electronics also. TV market in Nepal has many brands like LG, Sony, Panasonic etc....
Price of Lenovo mobiles in Nepal

Latest Lenovo Mobile price in Nepal

Lenovo devices are known to be powerful but low priced. People love Lenovo smartphones, laptop and tablets very much. They keep reducing and adjusting the price of their products to accommodate...
Computer casing price in Nepal

Gaming Desktop CPU Case price in Nepal

Although most desktop users buy simple casing at minimal price, there are people like us who want better and powerful. Computer cases are available according to size ATX form factors. There are very...

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