Pentaquark Illustration

LHC Discovers Pentaquark-Sub atomic particle of 2015

Last year two particles were discovers in LHC (Large Hadron Collider) in Cern and this year LHC discovers new particle named Pentaquark. This is the biggest discovery in physics in 2015...
Briquette Fire

Heaters and suffocation

Just today in my national newspaper I read that two people died in my city due to suffocation. The reason is that they used bio briquette to heat the room and...
Spinal Cord Implant

Spinal Cord implant to help paralyzed people

Spinal cord injury (SCI) is dangerous and it can make people's life miserable by making them paralyzed. The spinal cord in the back bone is one of most delicate part of...
Mt Everest

Mount Everest in Jeopardy-Snowless Himalaya

Mount Everest or Sagarmatha is the world's highest peak which is 8848m in height. It is situated in South Asia in Nepal. The mountain falls in Himalayan range. A lot of...
Cold Allergy

Cold Allergy- Dangers and Solutions

As the temperature decreases in cold weather, the patients of cold allergy also increase n a vast rate. This problem is mostly seen in people who work in cold, like housewives...
E books side effects

Side Effects of reading eBooks

A latest research of doctors of Harvard Medical School concluded that reading eBook before sleeping at night is harmful. The research was done with two groups, one read the normal book before sleep...
Two new particles discovered at Cern Laboratory

Two new particles discovered at Cern Laboratory

Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a famous scientific machine or apparatus that is being used to study sub atomic particles like Higgs Boson. It is to understand the universe and science...
US Navy starts LaWS (Laser Weapon System)

US Navy starts LaWS(Laser Weapon System)

We all know that military technology and engineering are always better and ahead. They have good budget and bright minds too. They always show us powerful and awesome gadgets. After a...
Battery less pacemaker for heart patients

Battery less pacemaker for heart patients : Less Surgeries better life

Lots of people have heart problem and require pacemaker for their survival. Most pacemakers have battery that lives a long time. But after a while, it needs replacing. A better thing...
Why are people doing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

Why are people doing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

ALS Ice bucket challenge is on the internet since few days. It is getting pretty popular among many people including social activists, super stars and philanthropists. Many people might think that...

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