The Mechanism of Fuel Gauge with working details

How Fuel Gauge Works: Analog and Digital Mechanism

All vehicles need fuel and it is very important to keep track of your oil in the tank. These days there are vehicles that have a digital display but old vehicles have... Read more »
Video Games Controller Joystick from Advik

Positive Effects of Video Games: Cognition, Motor Skill, Therapy

Video games are a very popular way of spending leisure time and entertainment. We have been playing digital video games for a long time on different platforms. It may be on computers,... Read more »
Simple AM Radio Transmitter Schematics

How to make an AM Radio Transmitter: Simple and Low-Power Gadget

AM stands for Amplitude Modulation and it is a technology that is used for communication. It used to be a very popular means of communication and entertainment. Now, very few people listen... Read more »
Tritium One of the Most Expensive Materials In The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Materials In The World: These Things Cost a Fortune

Many people may think that Gold, Platinum, and Diamond are expensive materials. Many of you might also have these things in your possession. These materials are costly, but there are some more... Read more »
Side Effects of reading eBooks

Side Effects of reading eBooks: Impact on Sleep Cycle

Many of us love reading books. Some love literature, while some love educational content. There are different literary genres, and bookworms love them. Some people like printer hard copy, while some use... Read more »
5G and Telehealth in Nepal

5G and Telehealth in Nepal: Transforming the Medical Sector with Tech

5G is the new generation of wireless transmission technology. Mobile telecom industries are working to bring it to people all over the world. On the parallel side, smartphone manufacturers are working to... Read more »
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by group of people

What is ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? How Did it Help in Research?

ALS Ice bucket challenge is a very famous challenge for a cause. It was a very popular challenge in 2014. Many people, including social activists, superstars, and philanthropists, participated in this. Many... Read more »
Space Fence Project of US Space Force

Space Fence: Surveillance Project to track space objects, debris, satellites

Our space and orbit are full of satellites, space stations, litter, junk, and debris. They are in a huge number and they are near our earth. These objects revolve around the earth... Read more »
Top Most Dangerous Chemical

5 Most Dangerous Chemical Compounds in the World

Chemistry is a very cool and interesting subject. There are a lot of fascinating things in this world of chemistry. We know that every object is made up of some elements or... Read more »
Homemade Tablet, iPad, iPod, Mobile Stand

Homemade Cheap Tablet Stand for iPad, Smartphone: DIY Tablet Stand

Holding your smartphone, tablet, or iPad for a long time can be tedious and tiring. Our arms hurt and it is not healthy as well. We can buy some stands or back... Read more »