5G and Telehealth in Nepal

5G and Telehealth in Nepal: Transforming the Medical Sector with Tech

5G is the new generation of wireless transmission technology. Mobile telecom industries are working to bring it to people all over the world. On the parallel side, smartphone manufacturers are working to... Read more »
Video Games Controller Joystick from Advik

Positive Effects of Video Games: Cognition, Motor Skill, Therapy

Video games are a very popular way of spending leisure time and entertainment. We have been playing digital video games for a long time on different platforms. It may be on computers,... Read more »
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by group of people

What is ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? How Did it Help in Research?

ALS Ice bucket challenge is a very famous challenge for a cause. It was a very popular challenge in 2014. Many people, including social activists, superstars, and philanthropists, participated in this. Many... Read more »
The Mechanism of Fuel Gauge with working details

How Fuel Gauge Works: Analog and Digital Mechanism

All vehicles need fuel and it is very important to keep track of your oil in the tank. These days there are vehicles that have a digital display but old vehicles have... Read more »
Top Most Dangerous Chemical

5 Most Dangerous Chemical Compounds in the World

Chemistry is a very cool and interesting subject. There are a lot of fascinating things in this world of chemistry. We know that every object is made up of some elements or... Read more »
UPS Mode Vs Inverter Mode in Power Backup Supplies

UPS Mode Vs Inverter Mode in Inverters: Which is the best

Inverters and UPS are pretty confusing to most people. Basically, they are power backup devices. They use a big rechargeable DC battery, which is used to provide AC power when needed. Most... Read more »
Sulphur cycle of Nature

The sulfur cycle of Nature: Crucial for everyone on earth

The Sulfur cycle is one of many biochemical processes that occur in our nature. In this process, sulfur/sulphur (S) moves through the biotic and abiotic compartments of the Earth in various forms.... Read more »
Cataract dissolving Eye Drops

Cataract dissolving Eye Drops to prevent surgery

Cataract is a huge problem in many people, especially at old age. However, there are many cases where patients are youth and even children. It can be simply understood as a clouding... Read more »
Gravitational Waves Waves Demonstration

Gravitational Waves confirmed by LIGO

Today the National Science Foundation confirmed the existence of gravitational waves. These waves were predicted by the Einstein Field Equations. On the day of February 11th, 2016, scientists involved in this experiment... Read more »
Homemade Arc Welder using Microwave oven transformers

Homemade Arc Welder using Microwave Oven Transformers (MOT)

Since I was a small boy, I had a knack of technology and science. It was interesting to see people melt and fuse them together using a thin rod and electricity. During... Read more »