Human Organ Trade in Nepal

Human Organ Trade in Nepal

Nepal is a developing country and has a very low literacy rate. It is resided by people with low income in rural areas. These people don't have enough money to provide...
How can Medicine be Dangerous?

How can Medicine be Dangerous? Mishandling, negligence and control

I recently went to my nearest hospital to have my eyes checked because my eyes were itching very much. I believed I was having an infection or allergy due to dirt,...
Top 10 most expensive matters in the world

Top 10 most expensive matters in the world

There are many types of matters and elements in this world. Some are worthless and some are priceless. We have different use of these matters and we pay price according to...
Cataract Explained

Cataract dissolving Eye Drops to prevent surgery

Cataract is a huge problem in many people specially at old age. I live near Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, Kathmandu and I have seen too many cases. I regularly go there...
Is your food really MSG free?

Is your food really MSG free?

Well MSG does makes your food taste good. FDA is also stating this as safe to east in their website. MSG stand for Mono-sodium Glutamate. Some people say its gives them...
5 Most Dangerous Chemical Compounds

5 Most Dangerous Chemical Compounds

Chemistry is a very interesting subject and always shows coolest things like life bonding elements such as Carbon, most dangerous chemicals, which have deadliest properties like instant death due to poisoning,...
Spinal Cord Implant

Spinal Cord implant to help paralyzed people

Spinal cord injury (SCI) is dangerous and it can make people's life miserable by making them paralyzed. The spinal cord in the back bone is one of most delicate part of...
Science and society Carl Sagan

Science and Technology development in Nepal

Few weeks ago 25 years old Nepalese scientist Lujhendra Ojha was on huge highlight. He has the major role on finding the evidence of water on Mars. They used spectrometer to...
The sulfur cycle of Nature

The sulfur cycle of Nature: Crucial for everyone on earth

The sulfur cycle is one of many biochemical processes. In this process a chemical element or compound moves through the biotic and abiotic compartments of the Earth. This changes its chemical...
Cold Allergy

Cold Allergy- Dangers and Solutions

As the temperature decreases in cold weather, the patients of cold allergy also increase n a vast rate. This problem is mostly seen in people who work in cold, like housewives...

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