Cataract dissolving Eye Drops to prevent surgery

Cataract dissolving Eye Drops

Cataract is a huge problem in many people, especially at old age. However, there are many cases where patients are youth and even children. It can be simply understood as a clouding of the lens of the eye. A white cloudy layer is formed inside the lens which obstructs vision. Its simple solution is operational and it is not highly risky. But scientists are working in a Cataract dissolving eye drops. This could help reduce surgery and make treatment easier.

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Increasing Antibiotic Resistance in Nepal, and threat of superbugs

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Antibiotic is the boon of this modern era. It has saved millions of lives till now because in past people used to die due to simple bacterial infection. These days antibiotics is used very commonly which is now giving us a kickback. Antibiotics should only be used as a last resort but people are abusing it. This is causing increasing antibiotic resistance all over the world. Nepal is also affected by this problem very much and it is time that we give it due thought.

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Gravitational Waves confirmed by LIGO

Gravitational Waves Waves Demonstration

Today the National Science Foundation confirmed the existence of gravitational waves. These waves were predicted by the Einstein Field Equations. On the day of February 11th 2016, scientists involved in this experiment publicly announced success of their observation. Initially two detectors were used that were vastly apart in distance. Some physicists claimed that this might be the Nobel prize winner of this year. In order to expand the study, LIGO India is initiating soon at end of this year

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Science and Technology development in Nepal

Science and society Carl Sagan

Few weeks ago 25 years old Nepalese scientist Lujhendra Ojha was on huge highlight. He has the major role on finding the evidence of water on Mars. They used spectrometer to pursue the truth for finding real molecular water. It is present under certain circumstances but the quality and amount present is unknown. There are many renowned, talented scientists, mathematicians, physicists, doctors in Nepal but we know so less about them because our country lacks the infrastructure. This article is actually inspired by the new video “The War on Science” of AsapSCIENCE.

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LHC Discovers Pentaquark: New Particle with 5 quarks

LHC Discovers Pentaquark

Last year two Xi Baryon particles were discovered in LHC (Large Hadron Collider) in Cern. This year LHC Discovers Pentaquark which is a five-quark particle. This is the biggest discovery in physics in 2015. The scientists in Cern are always in search of new particles with the help of hadron collider. This engineering marvel collides particles in almost light speed (99.9999% of the speed of light). Then scientists study data of break down of the particles and decay nature to find out the basic particle.

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Heaters and suffocation: Dangerous and lethal in winter

Heaters and suffocation in Briquette Fire

It gets cold in the upper parts of Nepal and people use heaters to warm up. This is good to protect from harshness of cold but there is a dark side as well. We regularly get news of people dying due to suffocation in winter. Use of heaters and suffocation is a common issue. Most people who don’t have electric heaters or mainly people in rural areas use wood or coal fire. They burn the fire and leave it in to warm up the room. Sometimes they don’t have good ventilation or open windows and thus room habitants suffocate.

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Spinal Cord implant to help paralyzed people regain movement

e-Dura Spinal Cord Implant

Spinal cord injury (SCI) is dangerous and it can make people’s life miserable. Such injuries make victims paralyzed. Paralysis is a nightmare because people lose their movement. The spinal cord in the backbone is one of the most delicate parts of our body. Its main function is to transfer all electrical signals and some chemical to our other body parts and back to the brain. Some accidents causing injury to spinal may cause paralysis. To help such people, scientists have developed a new spinal cord implant. This implant helps patients to regain their ability to move and walk again.

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Mount Everest taking climate change heat: Snow less Journey

Mount Everest in black and white

Mount Everest or Sagarmatha is the world’s highest peak. It is situated in South Asia in Nepal. The height of Mount Everest is 8848m or 29,030 ft. The glorious mountain falls in the Himalayan range. A lot of media and scientists are now talking about the consequences of global warming and carbon production. But a poor and developing country like Nepal is facing its harsh effects.

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Simple AM Radio receiver for emergency situations

Simple AM Radio receiver schematics

Radio receivers are very simple and amazing. They can be very helpful in times of need. We already have a post about creating a simple DIY AM transmitter. We know that our society is obsessed with new time technology like social media, gadgets, smartphones etc. All these new media are based on internet and data. If anything happens to cell phone, internet or telecom sector our communications can be affected. We all know how much important communication is. So we are making a simple AM radio receiver to help us in time of emergency.

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Cold Allergy: Health Dangers, Solutions and treatments

Cold Allergy symptoms and treatments

Temperature decrease in cold weather can be very dangerous. Many people catch different diseases. The common cold is one of the most popular among them. In the cold season, the patients of cold allergy also increase rapidly. This problem is mostly seen in people who work in cold climate, people work with cold water and people who work outdoors during the mornings. Not all people suffer from cold allergy. People with sensitive skin and higher sensitiveness to cold are affected by it.

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