The sulfur cycle of Nature

The sulfur cycle of Nature: Crucial for everyone on earth

The sulfur cycle is one of many biochemical processes. In this process a chemical element or compound moves through the biotic and abiotic compartments of the Earth. This changes its chemical...
ZMapp and Cure of Ebola

ZMapp and Cure of Ebola

According to latest news two Ebola patients have been cured. They were American citizens who were working in west Africa and came back after they were infected. This is a miracle...
Two new particles discovered at Cern Laboratory

Two new particles discovered at Cern Laboratory

Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a famous scientific machine or apparatus that is being used to study sub atomic particles like Higgs Boson. It is to understand the universe and science...
US Navy starts LaWS (Laser Weapon System)

US Navy starts LaWS(Laser Weapon System)

We all know that military technology and engineering are always better and ahead. They have good budget and bright minds too. They always show us powerful and awesome gadgets. After a...
Cataract Explained

Cataract dissolving Eye Drops to prevent surgery

Cataract is a huge problem in many people specially at old age. I live near Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, Kathmandu and I have seen too many cases. I regularly go there...
Top 10 most expensive matters in the world

Top 10 most expensive matters in the world

There are many types of matters and elements in this world. Some are worthless and some are priceless. We have different use of these matters and we pay price according to...
Mt Everest

Mount Everest in Jeopardy-Snowless Himalaya

Mount Everest or Sagarmatha is the world's highest peak which is 8848m in height. It is situated in South Asia in Nepal. The mountain falls in Himalayan range. A lot of...
How can Medicine be Dangerous?

How can Medicine be Dangerous? Mishandling, negligence and control

I recently went to my nearest hospital to have my eyes checked because my eyes were itching very much. I believed I was having an infection or allergy due to dirt,...
E books side effects

Side Effects of reading eBooks

A latest research of doctors of Harvard Medical School concluded that reading eBook before sleeping at night is harmful. The research was done with two groups, one read the normal book before sleep...
Why are people doing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

Why are people doing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

ALS Ice bucket challenge is on the internet since few days. It is getting pretty popular among many people including social activists, super stars and philanthropists. Many people might think that...

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